Friday, March 27, 2015

Chivalry Sucks (Yes, it does)

I have a friend that truly believes being a chivalrous man will give him the upper hand.

I'm going to school him one evening and tell him that that's essentially bullshit.

I honestly think he doesn't want to come to terms with how it is for men, the dating scene, and with modern women.  He still believes in soul mates and there is an exception out there for him.  I'm sure he could stumble on a mythic NAWALT, but chances for him are slim.  

He's truly a good hearted man, and good hearted men get trampled in the maelstrom.   

The salient reason why they get trampled is that they still want to desperately buy into the fantasy of the golden angel that is their soul mate.  Ultimately, when a man enacts chivalry, he is rife for his own servitude.  There are women that are more than happy to be the cynosure of that, and coupled with a boundless sense of entitlement of selfishness, exploit men. Financially especially.  

I also found it's exceedingly rare to find a composed woman that doesn't want to throw down once in a while.  US women seem to have a fine habit about creating chaos when being reasonable to allay conflict would be more rational.   I'm speaking largely of emotional abuse (although this can be physical abuse as well; there is overwhelming evidence that women are often the antagonists in DV, but right now I'll stick to the manipulation here).  

I did have a relationship with quite a sexy older woman years ago who never did this; we barely got into a heated debate about things we disagreed with, and it was mild.  There exist honorable exceptions, but they are not the majority.

And if you protest and demand equal treatment in a relationship, you are "complicated" as a man and moody.  If you draw a line in the sand and put your foot down, you're an asshole.  

But if you concede all the time, you're a pussy.  

It's not easy to "win" with Ameriskanks.

Chivalrous men fail to realize they will constantly be trying to placate a woman who will be happy being unhappy.  No relationship is perfect.  But incessantly catering  someone with a narcissistic complex---coupled with an "you must entertain me or else" injunction---is a tainted relationship from the start.  Chivalrous men feel ego gratification from making a woman happy; and if momma ain't never truly happy, well, you know that will be an endless battle to make her content.  And she never really will be. 

The mainstream still does not truly acknowledge men are largely the romantic sex. The unfortunate thing is that it can (and will) be used against chivalrous men, and there are women who think nothing of doing that.  Including dragging a proverbially broad-sided man through divorce court while sleeping with someone else.     

I asked my friend what a woman would do in turn for all the genteel acts he would perform for her.  He never answered online, but once we do meet up at a lounge we occasionally frequent, I'll let him know not only how one sided his approach is, but how it's possibly fraught with pitfalls and peril.  

I doubt if it will sink in until he's ran the gauntlet enough times.  

Personally, I rather go my own way than deal with all the heartache.  


Unknown said...

This is generally why I encourage men to take a zero tolerance approach

Any attitude, any sign of disrespect kick her to the curb, zero 2nd chances, zero tolerance

The root cause of mass entitlement, is the fact women think they have instant access to millions of thirsty betas willing to marry them

Get rid of monogamous marriage & you pretty much nuke 99% of bitchy cunts from the face of the earth

Women with no access to marriage, are forced to work & seek high paying jobs, for their daily bread, instead of stealing millions from thristy betas, which is all monogamous marriage is really about ...

Anonymous said...

Women despise the knight in shining armour, because they know that those guys are simply after the same thing that the lowlife scumbags are after.