Thursday, April 30, 2009

On Men and Women Today; Insight From Bonecrkr

MarkyMark posted this on his blog recently; this commentary was lifted from someone that had a wealth of material when he was active, and I wish he was still around---I'm wondering what happened to him. Regardless, I think it's important to distribute, as his work had influence on mine just like Zenpriest.

Without further ado . .

Men and women are two sides of the same coin. Without each other, there can be no fulfillment and no peace of mind. Together, there is LIFE. This is the way it has been since the very beginning. It is an active thing, not a passive one. It’s not enough for the people to just show up, in each others lives. Each of you needs to actively love the other.
Many American men are willing to do this. Almost ALL American women are NOT. To make matters worse, these women do not value the men who are willing to love them. Instead, they value the men who could give a shit about anything. He gets laid constantly and gives nothing to anyone (even himself). Since this type of man is good for nothing and is often a criminal, the last thing he is interested in or capable of, is taking care of a woman or a family. Women are also like this themselves, but pretend they are not. That pretending often extends towards making a phoney marriage and having several children she has no intention of putting any effort into raising. Most of the time, the POINT of the marriage is to manipulate the system into fleecing a good man of all his possessions…..rinse, repeat, until she gets too old. This is NOT normal. For whatever reason, it is a problem endemic to westernized countries but is worst in the US, where our laws seriously enable these behaviours. What many American men are figuring out though is they don’t have to put up with this. By understanding the problem and its various aspects and, most importantly, the actual depth of the problem, he can avoid most of it, even fight back. The biggest obstacle though, is he is incomplete without a legitimate love in his life. American women use this fact as their greatest source of sinister manipulation. They will dangle the image of this in front of you constantly, but never, ever give it to you. The reason is simple, they can’t. Because they can’t, they are completely unacceptable as anything but a casual sexual fling. But one that is constantly trying to do you harm, requiring extreme vigilance and protective measures. Hopping from one loser to the next, in the vain hope that the next one might not be like this, is a depressing way to live. Rather than find a rare jewel, most men simply give up after awhile and retire from “the game”. Most men don’t know that this is abnormal. They think ALL women are like this and have always been this way. That’s a dirty lie. A lie that women in this country foster in an attempt to keep men from looking around. It turns out, that things were never like this for our grandfathers and great grandfathers. It’s a RECENT problem. More importantly, it’s a localized one. In large chunks of the world, women aren’t like this. They are the way, they are supposed to be. If you bond with one and then love them, they will love you back. Although this is only the bare MINIMUM needed for a good marriage and a good life, it changes things DRAMATICALLY. This means that it is a good idea to date a number of women from these places. Because you WILL find a jewel there eventually. No matter what, you will find a large pool of women who are sincere in their attempts to be with you. Some of these women will be sexually promiscuous. Some of them will be nuns. Most will be somewhere in between. Luckily, sincerely loving women will be common, no matter what she is like elsewise…….because IT’S A SEPERATE ISSUE. If you want a nun or a tart, a schoolteacher, a welfare mom or a doctor, you will find someone sincere. Since you will also find the occassional evil person mixed in, you must learn to tell the difference. But the odds are stacked in your favour. That just doesn’t exist in the US anymore (but it was once, the rule, not the exception).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Resentful Rant: Ex-Pornstars

Living inside your mind
Who knows the things you'll find
There could be hell or rainbows

But it's a funny thing
The more you feel the sting
You're just a leaf that the wind blows

You've been this way before
One step and you're through the door . . .

"Breathless" by Dio

To be honest I didn't know how to approach this at first, other than to say to those born again porn stars who continue to sell themselves and make people feel for you for the almighty dollar is thus: you suck, and not in the way you used to on the job, either.

That's right. I don't buy into your lousy stories of patchwork abuse as well. Bite me.

And fuck off.

Maybe some of them legitimately were. Who knows. Even feminist accounts I have read shift from time to time. Of course, if you challenge that notion of how much they have endured, you're a misogynistic asshole, even if that apparent abuse is used for justification of hating all men and punishing them.

For the record, I feel for those have went through even a moderate amount of abuse of any form in their formative years. I find it troubling, and would never wish such a predicament on anyone innocent. I hope people reading this embittered piece keep that in mind; men, in particular, still don't as much sympathy as women in regards to this matter, and while I would hope neither gender would never have to experience anything as damaging as chronic emotional, sexual, or physical abuse, it still happens, and its long term effects are nothing to dismissed or mocked whatsoever.

But what I don't like are the self-righteous opportunists that use their exploits in erotica as a springboard for still staying in the limelight, to gain sympathy, or even worse, make money off of the gullible. It's parasitical and telling of the hubris of the so-called reformed sex worker.

Chances are high that your dyed blond, artificially enhanced white bread smut shyster has convinced her egocentric self she's devoted to a good cause to help others. Perhaps in some cases, but it others, it's because STDs and addictions are NOT the root cause that would kill her; it's lack of being in front of the camera lens and willing admirers that would send her dead husk blown away faster than a Hammer horror vampire caught in direct sunlight.

Let me also state that I am pretty much Libertarian on matters concerning prostitution, porn, and strippers. What consenting adults decide to do, and the possible transactions involving the activity, should still be their business. After that, it is a moral decision to weigh out for the individual concerning non-violent adult activity.

Keep in mind what I just said above in the aspect about men and women who have chosen another route, and worked and studied hard in order to procure a career. Ex-porn stars, in the past, often about made padded sums of money in a short span of time that skilled workers and those spending long hours in the office never will see in that same allotted time. Yes, several porn stars have had difficult lives of addiction, failed relations, alienation, and broken spirits, but remember, no one held a gun to these skanks' heads.

Since my political position has been made, it isn't a matter of jealousy because of the cash changing hands. It's because becoming an ex-porn star-turned-born again is disingenuous.

I'd rather see someone make terms and acknowledge their fucking and sucking flicks without reservation than lay claim to conversion, no matter how wanton and carnal it had been. I'm quite serious.

I remember watching one aging woman extol her regret and alleged pain on an expose for a rather popular Christian show. Her history was fairly typical, although in further examination of her life (from what I've read about it) there are plot holes of sorts. And in a particular interview, she burst into what was the most pathetic shedding of crocodile tears I've seen in ages. Ugh.

People buy into this stuff, and I don't know what is more disgusting. The pallid display of ersatz guilt and resolution in order to be still in the spotlight, or the outpouring of febrile sympathy that borders on neurosis itself.

In more insult to injury, any sucker that gets romantically involved with an ex-porn starlet has all that baggage to content with, and probably a questionable sex life to begin with. Maybe one can rationalize and gloss over the past. I don't know. I'm no saint myself, but I really can't imagine having a constructive relationship with someone that would have dived into a career of nihilistic hedonism and now expects me to play traditionalist man in a whitewashed household. Fuck that.

Maybe I'm not in the best of moods about this stuff, but when one's eyes are open to the reality of it all---and I'm sure someone will, say, "But, Chris, you've never lived it, so how can you judge?"

My succinct answer can be expressed pretty neatly---is it that hard for you to see these people who they really are, a fake suffering saint to allay your own insecurities with because you actually admire them? I mean, WTF?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

About Comments, Catching Up, and Argumentation

I'll be quick here and state that if anyone wishes to comment that I screen them. If you don't see your response, please be patient.

I apologize for any brief absence and will get to your writings soon enough. I usually check my blog every couple of days and---eventually---want to make in more active again. I come and go in cycles, and in no way has my main viewpoints or themes changed; this is also a place that, while not perfect for networking, can be also used to keep in touch with me if need be.

While I don't have strict rules on posting because I don't receive a bulk of negative remarks, as usual I reserve the right to restrict or prevent the ones riddled with personal attacks. I feel that they are not only untruths, but designed to veer away from the purpose of this blog. Invariably, they often follow a typical pattern or motif and usually have tone of someone carrying the mantle of self-righteousness while either casting scorn or asking their target to prove themselves worthy. Obviously, my patience fell through the floor ages ago, and stopped giving attention whores and smug online arrogant bickerers any license. Once that happens, they tend to leave pretty quickly when they know I don't care.

When I started, I did receive a modicum of constructive criticism and even welcomed the counter points. That, to me, is part of the essence of argumentation, and devil's advocacy isn't an innately bad thing. While I don't incite it here, I can (and will) receive contrary views if they are civil and articulate. Boorish and offensive material are a waste of my time and will not be entertained.

Of course, there exists an occasional kind of debater that resists anything remotely like Occam's Razor, resorts to circular reasoning, and resorts to sophistry. Admittedy, it does get rather tiresome, but I'd rather deal with that than the banal ad hominem barbs that have little or no basis in fact. Fielding off the same name calling horseshit eats away time and energy.

In the past, I actually did post on feminist sites when I had the time and inclination. After reading the inevitable logical fallacies for the Nth time (you don't agree with me, therefore, you hate women, blah blah blah) I did the right thing---I expressed my opinions elsewhere.

Harry Potter, one of the blog owners of a provocatively-titled link, has made a point concurrent with mine about pointing things out and exposing the truth; it isn't "hate" for doing so, but the scorn and accusations leveled at a poster because of this can be legion, and after a certain junction they become pointless to react to. I have used the expression The Empress Wears No Clothes as an apt term, and those proclaiming the hows and whys are often treated with embittered resentment and stigma for doing so.

The irony is that despite all the nasty and unfounded attacks, it only serves to strengthen the rationale to continue forth.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beauty Is Only Razor Deep II: A Cold Fire

As always, I write on other forays and (unfortunately) my blog suffers from neglect at times. I figured I'd share this one here, and the first quote in italics is from someone I'll merely dub as Guy here.

My absence is always temporary. There is always something to reveal, explore, and uncover.

Without further ado . . .

What turned out to be the best luck for me was that girls in high school were so contemptuous that I learned the important lesson that basing my dignity or happiness on their approval would be suicidal. So I did not do that, and never made that mistake in college.

I learned at the age of twenty-two that if a positive sense of self hinged on what women thought of me I would have gone crazy. (And I might add that our culture sees men as "less than" if we do not attract women or have their sexual and loving affection most of the time--ed.).

I do not employ that last word lightly, either. I may come across here as controlled and thoughtful, but as a teenager I was so passionate about things women who toss passion around in their usage have little idea what that means.

Oddly enough, it was somewhat around that time when I had met an older woman that led me down the path to MGTOW without me (or her) even really knowing it. That's something I've wanted to blog about for a long time. I will soon enough.

There was a profound side-effect, and it's something that I try to impress on women that aren't so ready to throw out personal attacks and listen for a moment---if that's possible. A year later I turned a bit colder and even a tad sinister, although I don't consider myself an "evil" person whatever connotation that implies. I'm more reticent about being that way now, but that period where I had changed has not ever completely left me. Maybe I shouldn't forget those lessons and how I was.

I had seen and experienced just enough to come to an eerie realization---I could walk away from just about anyone, burn bridges, and never look back. While it's true that I relish the nucleus of friends and family I adore . . . there exist many people, and that includes a woman that had pulled any number of stunts that Ameriskanks are known for--could be proverbially dumped by the wayside and I would forge on, no matter how much it hurt.

I lost a lot of patience for pretension, drama, pettiness, and my tolerance level for childishness came crashing way down.

There is a danger is losing men like me. And there are more out there than some would care to investigate.

I'm sure there are ones that would say, "I don't care about assholes like you, anyway, I'm young and hot and can get someone else." I say go for it. Because that doesn't last forever, and once they are in their 30s and 40s those same overgrown brats discover that shitty entitlement attitude doesn't always work anymore, and men have wised up and stopped yielding to it. The women that are broken and encumbered at that age have lives that seem more like drudgery and a liability than a warm haven.

I think there are Western women that hate this.

The idea of an unburdened man that has the strength to tear away, no matter how painful, is more scary than the feminist fears of brutal and angry men. They will protest this notion all they want, but let's face it; the impetus to control men is very strong, and a man that isn't easily manipulated or emotionally dominated is a source of resentment and even wariness. Even moderately violent men that still stick around is a man that still has something to be harvested on some level.

As much as there are women out there that claim they like "bad boys" akin to this, those same women generally and bitterly resent men that cannot be domesticated completely. Even those bad boys give women approval and validation.

I came to the conclusion then that those same skanks would prefer someone who cheats, perpetrates DV, imbibes drugs, is chronically lazy, spends his money on alcohol and other trivial pursuits---or a combination of the above---than someone who doesn't put up with too much bullshit and emotional game-playing. That same bad boy role has the same purpose as the traditionalist man---to ultimately appease his partner at the end of the day, even if that relationship's foundation is shaky and the dynamic tainted.

If those same women had to face the dark void of solitude and self-reliance that men are forced to endure without a loving spouse, a good number of them, without any other support, would crumble and go insane. Let's face it; many men, even at an early age, would embrace the situation of a understanding, respectful, attractive woman of depth and inner strength. Once it dawns on them that may not ever happen, we have to walk on regardless of the dark shadows and personal struggles.

I don't believe American skanks can make that same claim. It's a lie, a myth, and chimera, and everyone is supposed to buy into it.