Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ruminating About Misandry

I have found in my frequent journeys online as well as observations of misandry in daily life, the media, or in the political arena that it never seems to let up. Granted, in there's always a place where I escape from the unfettered ding of its raucous call in order to maintain a seamblance of peace---I have a few devices; cooking gourmet dinners for myself, walking around a local beach late at night or the grappling sessions I attend twice a week.

Still, I find that cannot sever myself from writing about this cultural malaise. Men are being removed as main authority of the family and sometimes even kicked out, with the ever-widening grip of the state encroaching in our lives. Young men are not as scholarly inclined or even discouraged to be more ambitious in school and college, and will have a significant effect on the economic course in our future. Despite some efforts to push for dual child custody in divorce court women are still favored as primary caretakers while many fathers have pay up for CS with limited access to their kids.
Debtor's prison, an Unconstitutional situation, is still enacted in many cases when man cannot financially maintain support payments. Maybe a mother has leveled false charges of abuse against a man to restrict visitation entirely or has found another lover while he slaves away. The ludicrous burden---what I consider should be illegal---of alimony is rewarded to greedy and vindictive-minded ex-wives. In the workplace, false accusations of sexual harassment have men walking on nails and although some countermeasures have been implemented as policy to curtail them, there are women that will still employ this a weapon to be rid of men they don't like or find "creepy" on a whim. Don't get me started on health funding, depression and suicide rates, hypergamy, slutwalks, and domestic violence.

What have feminists, feminism, and their counterparts have done to help men in dire need? If anything they have aided in spearheading legal and social misandry with no signs of letup. With the lie that feminism is supposed to be for legal and social equality, it has clearly shown its true colors---female supremacy---and anyone not giving homage to its poisonous credo is demonized, marginalized, or punished in some fashion.  With the Radfem Hub now made visible and its posters true thoughts laid bare, it is evident what they really think of men.  Many of the statements were particularly cruel, but one of them that troubled me was the suggestion that mothers could starve male infants and boys of affection and nurture in order to (essentially) let them die.  

How heartless.  Unbelievable.

One most note that many of these same women that have made these venomous statements are not exactly in the shadows in the first place; among them are career women and those in influential positions.  And yet, these feminists are the oppressed and victimized---or so they claim.  In reality, they want the power sans responsibility, and burden men further with absurd expectations.  It's the hideous irony that those purporting to champion equality secretly desire to regulate men to the status of second class citizens.  Or worse.

Given all of this, it's not surprising that there are men gradually men drifting away in a sense---refusing to support women without mutual reciprocation, tired of contributing to society with little reward, suspicious of Ameriskank behavior, and cynical of any romantic ideal after being hurt by women for too long or told over and over it's all their fault.  There's a lesson from the Radfem Hub revealing from Agent Orange; men are considered expendable.  Period.  And no matter how profound our efforts to uphold civility and society, as well as . . . oh hell . . .  just expect a modicum of love and affection from a woman that treats us halfway decent in return, we are still inferior by virtue of our Y chromosome.  

Feminism has always tried to control men, and by extension, male sexuality.  In turn, women's sexuality is paramount and should be always given precedence over men's, which is clearly seen in anything with reproductive choice, child support, cuckolding, and the like.  This appeals strongly to women who don't completely share the outright hatred of the more extremist type; after all, it's something that has permeated our culture like a bonfire that seemingly cannot be doused.  Add this with massive redistribution of wealth from men via the state to women (supposedly for the sake of the children).  Imagine if the latter were to fall through (including welfare, CS, and alimony ground to a halt); if the doomsayers are correct, it is a possibility.  If more men wake up to realize they are being extorted, indirectly or otherwise, by a system that basically cares nothing for them outside of production and utility purposes---walking ATMs and sperm banks---things will be vastly different for the sexes, and all the cries to return to bullshit notions of chivalry would dissipate.   

By means of comparison, the feminists spouting hatred have a more insidious viewpoint than your average, smug, selfish Ameriskank.  Men are disposable, superfluous.  And although without men we would not have the advances in our historical evolution as we know it, we truly are perceived as deserving as the expendable sex.  I am still a little surprised that they still feel it should clandestine about it, considering how misandry extends to both the radical left as well as Necons.  Obviously, some of it is out in the open.  It would be a sick joke if they were not so earnest.

As Men Going Our Own Way, there are no hard and fast rules for every individual man, but spreading the word about the truth  has become crucial.   For those that have no respect for men and masculinity should ask themselves this: why should we have any respect for them when they continue to smash any underlying social contract asunder and leave no benefit for men?  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Robert O'Hara Exposes Feminist Hatred

This is from the site A Voice For Men.

There has been much discussion about this recently and I could probably add more than a few words of my own.  There has been some digging up of feminists posts about what they really think of men.  This is actually recent writings and not just the classic cases of quotes from the your Dworkins of the world; it's proof of how they view men in general, and it gets even worse---they are in certain career positions that will surprise some.  While I consider myself rather cynical, I still find the implications troubling.  Another point here is that unlike the constant protestations that feminists don't have real power and clout in the status quo, this will be another blow to that notion. In fact, it's something I've stated for years; it is ingrained (currently) in our society and quite active in many social and workplace circles.  I'm not the only one who subscribes to this, but I do think they should be held accountable in accordance to whatever damage they ultimately do.  

I want to thank everyone involved from AVFM for shedding light on this serious problem and Agent Orange for his work; some may say that it will not effect great change, but it truly is another blade (as one poster used to say, and I miss him) how feminism will disseminated by a thousand cuts.

From the article:   Radfem Hub: the underbelly of a hate movement

Imagine that you are a fly on the wall of a private meeting. The attendees include a legislative lobbyist, an arts council member, a political writer, a bestselling novelist, a communications assistant for a national chamber of commerce, a web developer, a special education teacher and a child care worker.

What do you imagine you would hear in that meeting? Maybe plans to improve children’s education, especially those with special needs? Perhaps a call to mobilize resources to ensure school kids are not attending class hungry, or that they are safe from abuse and exploitation? Maybe you would hear concerns about the quality of education and school budgets during the global recession, or other problems faced by the upcoming and developmental generation of world citizens.
Well, one such meeting has been happening, conducted by well-placed individuals who fill the job descriptions listed above. But educational and welfare improvements were not the topics they discussed. The agenda of the meeting was the shared desire to abuse and murder children, to trap people in wooden buildings and blow them up, to throw children from, through, windows, to pursue infanticide and forced eugenics, and to seriously entertain and secretly pursue ways to exterminate half the population.

If you are waiting for a punch line, don’t.

Radfem Hub (Radfem is short for Radical Feminist), is a website featuring articles from well-known activists, many of whom are in significant real-world positions of political and social influence. The site has been the focus of some attention since Simon and Schuster novelist Pamela O’Shaughnessy, posting under the name Vliet Tiptree, penned an article there advocating human scientific experimentation and forced eugenics, in order to “extirpate” certain aspects of masculinity.
The publishers of Radfem Hub frequently profess and promote philosophical solidarity with the late Valerie Solanas, author of The Scum Manifesto, a violent ideologue who advocated the extermination of men. She also gunned down artist Andy Warhol, maiming him for life.

Some well-known figures are closely associated with the Radfem Hub. Loretta Kemsley, publisher of Moon Dance Magazine, which was given an award by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is listed as having a “board presence” on her public profile there. Sheila Jeffreys, feminist author and professor at The University of Melbourne has a public presence there and frequently provides articles. Julie Bindle, author and columnist with The Guardian, a well read newspaper in the U.K., has also posted there. (see Wikipedia Links Below).

Underneath Radfem’s veneer of social consciousness, however, and hosted on the same website, is a private forum; the underbelly and engine room for the site as a whole. The discussions there, assumed to be out of the public eye, are virulent and hateful; often peppered with calls for violence. For a long time, they have been successful and maintaining both secrecy and anonymity. Until now.

Over the past several months an operative ,who will only be identified as Agent Orange, has successfully infiltrated the group and has collected trove of information, including over a hundred screen shots that document what can only be called the most shocking evidence of extreme hatred in the feminist movement seen to date.
Not only have these conversations been documented with screen shots but Agent Orange, with the help of an investigator, has tracked down the identities of several of these individuals. The confidence level of the information is compelling, and more is on the way.  Here is a portion of the individuals identified, along with some of their statemen
Danielle Pynnonen (screen name “Allecto”), a child care worker whose employer is unknown;

click to enlarge
Kat Pinder (screen name “Amazon Mancrusher”), a community development coordinator for the City of Perth in Australia and former U.K. Game show Big Brother contestant;

Click to enlarge
Isabelle Moreira (screen name “Izzie”), a web developer in Curitiba, Brazil;

Click to enlarge

Mary Syrett (screen name “Mary Sunshine”), a writer and member of the City of Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada;

Click to enlarge
Julie LeComte (screen name “Rain”), a communications assistant for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia;

Click to enlarge
Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York;

Click to enlarge
Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “yabawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. Regarding the mental health of women in prisons;

Click to enlarge
And of course Pam O’Shaughnesey (screen name changed from “Vliet Tipree” to “karma”), an established writer, publisher and lawyer. In this post, the complete depravity of O’shaughnessy’s ideology shines though with a clear willingness for mass murder as a “last resort.

Click to enlarge
These screen shots represent just a sample the images and other data that document real people engaging in what can only be described as an orgy of gender hatred. What’s more, these are not individuals who live on the fringes of society. They are people who hold public offices, positions in academia and the media. Their voices and ideas are heard in legislatures all around the world and even in the chambers of the United Nations.

In the very near future, the complete body of data collected by Agent Orange will be made available to the public at large. This means that anyone interested learning more about these people and publicizing their own analyses on their blogs, Youtube channels or other media will be able to do so. It also means that interested members of the general public can voice their concerns regarding these individuals to the press, as well as anywhere these individuals may pose a direct threat, particularly to the welfare of children.

For a long time men’s advocates and others have tried to point out to politicians and the public that feminism was, at its heart, a movement rooted in hate. Those contesting this point of view claim that radical feminism isn’t recognized as legitimate by most feminists and that radical feminists aren’t taken seriously. This new information demonstrates those assumptions are false.

This data, and the mountains of it to soon follow, reveal that radical feminists with bigoted, violent leanings are thoroughly entrenched in the media, governmental and education systems worldwide, and that they are exerting their influence to further legislation and policy that reflects not only their hatred of men and boys, but a desire to put themselves in a position to inflict as much harm on them as possible.I will be joining Paul Elam on AVfM Radio tomorrow night, when we will be speaking live with Agent Orange, who has a great deal more information and perspective on what has been happening at Radfem Hub. Another surprise guest will be appearing.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Remembering Michelle

To be honest, I really didn't know how to start off this post.  So I will say it; Michelle is only one of two women in my lifetime that I truly loved, and while I was young when it came onto me like an incessant whirlwind you could not dissipate, being young made it no less potent.  If anything, it amplified all the rawness and pain that I felt for it being unrequited.   I do remember her from even before I had been a high school sophomore and that she was exceedingly beautiful and feminine, unlike women now days that feel they have to festoon their bodies with tattoos and gradually wear on their physiology with drugs and partying.  

If "alpha female" equated to Michelle, she was quite the prize at the time.  She was a senior, and not only was she gorgeous, but academically bright, lady-like, kept her nose clean, and had the warmest smile I had ever seen.  There were many things to adore about her to a driven but gangly, introverted teen such as myself.  I don't recall exactly at one point that my lionization would infect my loins like a raging fever I couldn't rid myself from, but I do know when she discovered it.   Perhaps the death of a couple of relatives at that period only added to my dismay; they had died in an abrupt car crash.  Now life and love had another meaning; it could be profound but taken away at any time.  She needed to know how I felt because life was fleeting.

Of course, Michelle it not know how strongly I desired her; never before was I moved so deeply by a woman.  Yes, lust was a part of it, but if it had been only sexual I could have moved on.  That was not so easy.    At fifteen, I was floored by it---I'll be up front and state I didn't know how to come to terms with it.  At the time, I wondered if it had been any more powerful I would have moved proverbial mountains just to be with her.

Not that it mattered.  I was a somewhat nerdy younger guy with a crush.  That was it in her world.  That fact alone was eating away at me, but would be even more brutal when I would see her with a bone-headed football player she had befriended.  Sometimes, I wondered if she had latched on to him as a token boyfriend to prevent me from continued pursuit, although she would smile that particular smile to me on occasion and speak to or about me in passing.  It wasn't just the idea she had a trophy beau on her arm that was devastating; it was because I was not even considered despite her coy and wispy acknowledgments of me.  I was in a lower caste, regardless.  I even ruminated if I might as well have been dead, and that my passing would only been thought of momentarily in her life--and she would continue without that much fanfare.

What is paramount is that I was a romantic soul that truly did believe in loyalty, self-sacrifice, passion, and devotion to a woman that I was enamored with.  It is somewhat difficult to convey that belief now despite other posters finding me fairly articulate and direct.  There were other young women, but in my world Michelle was like the chosen one; I wanted her as a soulmate so badly that it tore at the fibers of my being.  For an entire year, I burned with that core fire that would eventually yield to a colder, more darker flame that would not be the same ever since.

Oh yeah, I did mention that I loved another woman later on.  But even then, I was not the same.  Andrea refused to understand that about me despite (supposedly) adoring me to the point of fixation, and as much as she wanted me, I had changed at a younger age.   A crucial part of not loving simply every woman that came along is that very few would ever appreciate what I would have done for Michelle to be at my side for a lifetime, and it transformed me unalterably.  I don't give my respect and love out to just any woman, because Ameriskanks don't respect and love men back in the same fashion.   Michelle would not do the same for me at all.  I had to come to grips with that notion, and it was like trying to grapple with a venomous tiger.   And once that proverbial struggle was over, I came out the other side scarred and stoic.   

There are women out there that think nothing of how heartbreak effects men.  They will even deride and openly mock those same men, not regarding the former and also not realizing their derision leads to more cynicism and even bad karma for those women.  You do get what you give, and those women in kind---in their hubris---refuse to come to terms with how mistreating, demonizing, abusing, and marginalizing men creates the problems that poison the well---even in our culture.  If men took the personal as political (as feminists do) the landscape of the relationships between the sexes would look very, very different.  To say the least, most women would think twice about purposefully hurting men on one level or another, and at the more extreme, the feminist nightmare of what they perceive is oppression and men's anger---one which they are reaping despite their claims to the contrary---would be made manifest.  It is quite a testament to men's reluctance to be at war with women, if anything.  We are not bred to hate them.   But we are not their punching bags or drones, either.   

There was not one real pivotal moment that lead me to become as I am now, but the Michelles of the world will not know the influence they have.  The magic has been constrained like a hermetically sealed talisman; it may just never return.  Women  cry for that romantic soul will not come back, at least not in this lifespan.   And they should be very worried about that.

My experience may seem to pale in the view of men in child support custody battles or dealing with a violent woman bent on destroying their partners somehow, but I have changed.  I have become that man that can say "No" to anything a woman does in my personal life I don't like at all, to the one that can walk away without looking back.  This frightens Ameriskanks more than the guy that cheats, the one that is emotionally or physically abusive, or the one they purport is a "lazy, no good bastard" that lets himself go.  We are dangerous in the light that we are looking out for ourselves since none of them would bother to do the same.  After all, if they truly don't need us, perhaps we can return the favor and let them stare in the mirror at their own real cause of their problems.

There is more I could say, but Michelle has contributed to the man that has walked away.  There is a heavy price tag to pay for creating men like me, whether is was indirect or not---or if they realize it or not.     

If any substantial number of women begin to wonder why they're suffering, and really want to know why, the information is available. The Buddha explained it all quite clearly 2500 years ago. He was surely not the first, nor will he be the last. Afterwards he simply walked away from the melodrama.  ---Philalethes