Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pruning The Dead Weight

This is a brief post, but it has more the one purpose.  I've dumped a few links (in part) since I feel they have been borderline hostile, ignorant, or slamming MGTOW philosophy while demonizing anyone who is sympathetic to it.   The irony is that the detractors I have read typically are characterizing MGTOW as the flip side of feminism, and it is anything but that ideology and nothing as destructive and certainly not misandrist.   We are not an organized movement or a cult, and we will not yield to the unhealthy toxic consensus or self-appointed figureheads that would lead us astray; we are individuals engaging in self-determination and do what is best for our lives, regardless of what the state, feminists, white knights, politicians, and their sycophants declare otherwise.  

The irony is that the current crop of barbs directed against it is very little different from feminist shamming.  As if that will change anything---it will only convince anyone who is already fed up with the proverbial slings and arrows they have received over time that the continued push against men has to be curtailed, and solidifies our own positions.  The fact of the matter is that MGTOW ideas have gotten bigger than people can dismiss now, and will have some very, very intriguing ramifications in the years to come.

That being said, anyone who is MGTOW friendly (even if just in spirit), let me know if you want to add you as a link I will most certainly consider it.  SR