Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Trend I Simply Don't Like

This is actually nothing new but I figured I'd bring it up.

There are those in MGTOW that do have concern about their writings coming back to haunt them. I don't have that concern---it's not that I haven't faced the charge of "misogynist" before and while I don't care for it, I have had to fire backs socially before in order to procure something, whether it was my rep or my job. Doing nothing, in my world is worse than letting someone get away with rumors that get out of control or allegations that could get you in the proverbially firing squad.

Of course, there is the converse of that. Letting sleeping dogs lie because, it seems, there are people that are looking for a fight, and turn around to play the role of victim in order to justify any possible action.

I understand the need for being quasi-anon; I am to a certain extent and don't care for cyberspace wars. Many moons ago, apparently, a few blogs brought up on feminist circles raised their ire, and even a couple mentioned physical violence against the owners. Idle threats on the internet are a dime a dozen, but coming the source I'm not surprised. I realize the feminist-minded would say; no real feminist would ever do that. Oh, really? Nothing like the no true Scotsman fallacy to be employed again.

Needless to say, I'm sure if a man threatened violence---even in jest---that would prove that so many Western men hate women and would rather put them in their place in extremis than live and let live. Most men don't grow up wishing pain and hatred on women, and still don't. But if the situation I described above happened, they would be all over it.

I've been lurking off and on. Once thing I've noticed, while it may seem minsicule, are certain women out there that are posing as well meaning LTR seekers on personal ad sites, and then turning around and posting the contents---pictures, personal messages, and private emails for all the world to see on other forums and blogs as targets for ridicule and scorn. As if bots, fake ads, spam, attention whores, mangina mods on forums and personals were not enough to turn off an honest man looking to broaden his potential pool of dating material with clear intent.

It sucks because no personal information is really sacred if displayed in the cyber realm. There really is no reason for this other than a mockery device for female supremacists, emotional sadism, fixation, and the notion they can say and do anything they want towards others while acting righteous and elistist to feed their impoverished egos.