Monday, July 21, 2008

Too Young to Fall in Love . . . and Women and DV

Yet again another post taken from another forum. While the first comments are from members with screen names, I've abbreviated them for anon purposes, although one occasionally frequents here.

And again, I'll let the remarks speak for themselves.

I'm tired of seeing this portrayal of "domestic violence" considering that an extremely small percentage is of the type depicted in this commercial. There are assholes who are serial beaters, yet they suffer from no shortage of women considering how many women are absolutely sick and are attracted to and stay with these types of scumbags.
A much greater majority of the cases are the rare instances where the woman pushed a few too many buttons and picked a fight hoping he would snap, and he does. Or worse yet, she initiates it physically, but he still ends up being hauled off to jail since the default move for police is to arrest the man.

I'm so jaded that whenever I hear of a woman getting hit, my first question is, "what did she do to piss him off?".


I agree with you! Knowing how women can say those 'sweet nothings' to insult your manhood, stuff like that, I think the SAME THING you do. Most guys I know won't take a swing at someone else unless they have DAMN GOOD REASON TO DO SO, know what I mean?

And my response, slightly edited.

It's like about what I've said how these women really try to get underneath men's skin---degrade and attack their masculinity, and public and private humiliation. Couple that with their own levels of abuse, sense of entitlement and emotional bullying, and even physical instigation over time, and it's a recipe for disaster. Since women pretty much think they can do anything to men and get away with it, they are in for a rude awakening with the wrong man.

I remember one of my ex-girlfriends, despite all her claims of being pro-masculine and "women suck" (an admission of honesty for once), pushed my buttons near the last quarter of our relationship. It was the nail in the coffin for me; never again have I tolerated such garbage in the context of a relationship. That's a reason many men are still single; their refusal to be women's punching bags. There exist women out there that believe that being a bitchy cunt and passive-aggressive, all the while demanding that men be what they want do be, is being powerful and independent. It's utterly piss poor way of approaching men and conducting relationships.

Most women I know don't even know the art of seduction on most levels and don't know what in the world in means to be a muse---if you are going to manipulative, at least be charismatic and reward your "prey." But there's several men over time that are tired of being cruelly dumped on and are finally having enough.

Like I've always said, it's a scary thing when the hunted prey starts laughing at the hunter.

While I'm no "Mike Tyson" of Muay Thai or Machado or Fedor of grappling, I've often wondered if I trained in sport combat incessantly beyond my two days a week routine and had a bad attitude towards women coupled with it. I never provoked a physical altercation with any woman in my life, but it reminds of recent training I did with younger guys on Mondays (I'm in my 30s). I choked out everyone I rolled with in the last three weeks except one of them---which was the instructor. When I couldn't get a rear naked choke, I got a neck crank on him instead. His words were, "It's like you were going to tear my fucking head off with that." This was just practice.

Imagine that same ex-girlfriend, her bullying, my skills at that level, and little self-control if she had physically unleashed on me. It's not bragging to let you know she'd be hospitalized if I returned the favor.

Granted, I always advocate men avoiding women like that and knowing the red flags first. I don't get off on seeing violence towards women. But there is a dark turn that I'll touch on in a moment. And with DV, all we (mostly) hear about is innocent young women being brutalized. It's always a one-way street. I don't buy it.

Women did not give men any credit for self-restraint considering their penchant for pissing men to the point of violence---including perpetration of violence themselves. They've bought too much into this "grrl power/tough gal" shit and don't acknowledge the boundaries anymore. Augment that with single moms raising young men that are resentful and don't have the guidance of a paternal figure/biological father, and you have a situation that feminists adamantly deny---they helped create men that are potentially explosive to women in DV.

Feminists have never taken any responsibility for fashioning their own dark golems, and summoned demons. And if they are "oppressed,' they are oppressed by their own creations.

I've been accused and suspected of being that anti-social prick that would strike women down if they really crossed my path. It's a far cry from that romantic fool I was in my teens. But that never happened, even with women loving their drama, dumping toxic filth on men, and driving men to destruction---all the while not accepting accountability.

I remember when I discovered bands like Slayer, Bathory, Kreator, and Morbid Angel and joking about glam rockers like Motley Crew as posers, but I do remember when they actually had a metal sound to them in the early 80s, and one song that I actually could identify with that was legitimately profound---maybe a stretch for a party group like them, but it was true, nevertheless . . .

You say our love
Is like dynamite
Open your eyes
cause its like fire and ice

Well you're killing me
Your love's a guillotine
Why don't you just set me free

If this is the idea of Ameriskank "love" in this present time, they can have it. I'm done. I'm done with all of that bluster and noise.

And instead of a virulent, sexist, hate-filled bastard, they've turned me into someone who questions their cries of abuse and often turns a blind eye to women in need. It's all the same to them any how---why not just quit the dangerous game and go out strong.

Feminists hate men that don't support them and women by default, and since they hate good men that turn cold over the years and reward shitheels and scum, it's all the more reason to lock them out. When any form of masculinity is mocked and damned and every turn, the irrational pitch of expecting men to suddenly be still socially obligated to them rings hollow.

It's been said before, and even better, but I'll say it anyway: the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Women condemn themselves when men finally have enough of their wants and whims when it's never good enough, and always battering men in their own ways in order to model men for their own devices. And they wonder why men don't rescue them when the wolves are at their door. It's those wolves they pretty much wanted there, anyway.