Monday, May 18, 2009

Unorthodox Thoughts Revisited

I always get spurned to write about things when something I read, observe, or get even personally effected by. One woman I work with is convinced I'm a "woman hater" and yet seems to have little problem with trying to get my attention.

I suppose someone she deems lower than her status cannot possibly think better of himself to not kow tow to her; how dare I, right?

To her, like many of her ilk, refuse to understand that simply because I choose not to interact with her or kiss her ass it doesn't mean I hate women. I just don't like her specifically, and it puzzles her that I pay more credence to women that give and take respect while she (also like her ilk) believes it should be there by default. I'm not sorry; being blond and "cute" to a lot of men she encountered isn't enough to win points with me, nor does it make me magically chivalrous because of it. She's fairly passive aggressive, and not surprisingly, bosses her husband around killing him with kindness while still wearing the pants in the relationship. Not my type.

Even more ironic is that one evening she was playing bartender to a plethora of men getting intoxicated. She knew that I do contact fighting as a hobby, and even remarked I should be her bodyguard against their tipsy advances. Tough shit. After all the cutesy (but not so veiled) snips about I'm how I'm supposedly bitter and don't like women, I'm still obligated to protect her? I don't think so. I stated, "Pay me for it, and I'll think about it."

I honestly try not to get too disgusted at the self-entitlement she exhibits. As if we're supposed to feel privileged to be in her presence and shower her with gifts or something. Yeah, right.

That's my way of weeding out the weak and the self-absorbed.

I saw a pretty darn disturbing French exploitative film the other day. Maybe it's a little misleading to brand it exploitative; it was legitimately well crafted and acted, and had deeper meanings concurrent with the violence and depraved dynamic on the screen. But that's what made all the more troubling; couple that with a character that was on a rampage that ended in her brutal and tragic suicide. Being a beautiful Chinese woman that she was, it did not help matters at all.

MGTOW men will wonder why I bother watching such fare to begin with. Sometimes dark material can have visercal impact; what did I just see, and why did I react the way I did? Oddly enough, it made me wonder about how skanks in the US have it so good, and yet ever complain how nothing is never good enough, and most men are never good enough. I was perturbed and moved by her character's rage and sorrow.

It's probably another reason why I identify with foreign or minority women far more than your typical ivory tower feminist. Cultural barriers aside, kindred souls often can see something of themselves in another gender where the self-righteous cannot. Or simply consciously deny.

Our Ms. skank is the one that carries a grudge while living the life of part slut, part reactionary, a dose of wannabe celebrity, and the rest of her time carrying anger towards eighty percent of men she comes across . . . believing all the while that we supposedly have it so well off. Maybe the top apex of men do---that's who feminists are really envious of, anyway. They want license with minimal responsibility; something that often accompanies high level positions with those men---being held accountable when something goes terribly awry. And the guy that picks up the garbage or does industrial maintence might as well be invisible. That's "men's stuff" anyway.

Men won't commit because of several things. They have been deeply hurt or betrayed by one or more women and eventually feel marriage/relationships are more of a painful trap than a haven. Or they see broken families, the drama of divorce where the men gets crushed by the wife in court, thus seeing it end in misery rather than happiness. Some men also find it difficult to find a decent women and are selective about who they get involved with---and since many women don't initiate contact or chase after men, it's all the more covuluted.

There are men that either don't want to commit out of avoidance---or gasp---like being single. Or maybe prefer a FWB and don't care about the stigma attached to being a player. Oddly enough, many women will see this as a challenge, and rather than go for men that really want a commitment minded women will go for emotionally unavailable men instead. I've read about women in their 40s and 50s complain about this, and about themselves. You would think they would learn . . . and then wonder why men don't commit to them.

There are women that will take full advantage of a man's kind soul and generosity, and blame him full out for being naive. Yet if he is like an iron fist with his approval and affections, he's a bastard.

Skanks really need to STOP telling men what they should look for in a mate. We have preferences, too. That's life. All the articles in the world are not going to shame us out of what we want. Deal with it.

Men who have standards about who they desire in a mate are considered arrogant and judgmental; a woman who does the same thing is to be lauded and considered smart.

Marriage has nothing to do with real commitment, as the last few decades have shown us with infidelity and divorce rates.

One of endless double standards: men who play the field, even if not a womanizer per se, are players and should respect women and stop toying with them. A woman that plays the field is above reproach, liberated, and what she does in her bedroom is none of your damn business.