Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Still Around, People

Once I'm back from vacation, which is this week, I'm going to come in tackling various themes. And yes, even SR attracts women (including a statuesque vixen that seems curious to indulge my personal hedonism---nope, she's not an exotic dancer or escort) despite his detractors labeling him as misogynist.

Makes you wonder about the respect level towards manginas. I am anything if not honest. Bowing down to women, in order to garner favor, has never been my style. Manginas gather more resentment for seeking approval above personalized standards of conduct.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

MMA, Detox, MGTOW blogging, Feminism, and other cynical stuff

It's been a puzzling and dismaying couple of weeks. Two bloggers from the UK have almost completely vanished with little fanfare, and those of you already familiar with the MGTOW scene, already know something about the disappearing acts, although I won't go into detail here, except to save the questioning for the private forums for now. I will say godspeed to them if by any off-chance they are reading this, and wish the best.

That being said, although I write here on a semi-regular basis myself, this is far from dead in cyberspace, and I fully intent to continue to probe deeper issues when I can. My MMA training is fine, although right now I've taken some herbal and fiber supplements to flush my system, so pumping iron was placed on the backburner until tomorrow. Alas, I didn't get to see the recent cage matches part of my crew signed up for up close and personal, but even a couple of the guys that lost actually went down fighting, literally. Good show!

A few "evil" thoughts before more next blog post:

-What can feminism do for men? What's in it for men? Even the question has been skewed by feminists to mean even posing the question means its an extension of male entitlement. I counter by stating that men should look out for their own self interests at all times, because feminism will never, and I mean NEVER do it; past, present, or future. Not one bit. Unless you're a male feminist getting a good volume of "female attention" (nudge nudge, wink) and have a salary built on spinning yarns and believing your own self-righteous bullshit.

-What good are women "friends" if they don't do you any good? What purpose does it serve it all they are going to do is act coy, cry for help, bitch about their husbands and kids (in a one-sided tangent that doesn't stop about the same goddamn problems), never give their loyalty in return, provide a shoulder to lean upon? Even a decent blowjob doesn't allay the months upon months of being used as an emotional tampon, only to be discarded when your utility worth is deemed non-existent. And women are supposed to be more loyal than men?

-It is women -- not men -- that are pushing men into non-mongamous trysts, the use of sex workers and therapists, and quiet civil disobedience. It is women who are divorcing men out of boredem. It is women who are committing to the idea of hypergamy versus the reality of committing to hardworking men, after their party years have taken its toll and sleeping with dregs is no longer desirable. Women do not want to share life with men. If they did, they would make a serious effort for it. They want a beta male who has the appearance of an alpha, who ultimately caves in to women's whims and desires, and go to the next man if the former outlives his usefulness---providing she already has more than a toehold in the latter's life.

-Young American women are scared to death with relating to men as global human beings. It means that they would have to treat men as emotional and spiritual equals. It is something they cannot have, and will prove to be their future failing in life.

-Feminism is a tool, a means to an end, for certain women who "pick and choose" between traditionalism and "equality." Their cognitive dissonance doesn't bother them, because they don't spend a wealth of time with self-examination.

-Young women who are harboring a selfish, myopic, short term gain, and stunted system of dealing with men are refusing to see that is already backfiring on them, and they still deny their own complicity because the default mechanism in their psychologies is to blame men wholesale, even completely innocent men they cannot have, because they are resentful they have to "settle."

-Many men realize that a polyamorous approach is more desirable than the financial serfdom of living with a nagging, used up single mother with brats sired with a thug or a nobody, which was the mum's selection in the first place. Only manginas and the desperate seek them out, and even they might rebel if like an abused dog, they get kicked around too much.

-Gossiping skanks believe that the male-bashing they do behind our backs is out of our range. Guess what---we're doing more than eavesdropping, we're figuring out what makes you tick as well, and what we have to do not to get hurt by conspiring female jerks again.

-Many men resent the idea of "woman as leader" not because of her sex, but because her abuse of power. If anything, women politicians that are openly feminist dump more heat on men while allegedly favoring women, all for the sake of furthering their political careers; VAWA, IMBRA, rape shield laws, background checks when seeking foreign brides . . . the list goes on. Their track records have proven them untrustworthy and unfair, caring about their own self-promotion, and they turn a blind eye towards men's rights. Pray those that aren't openly feminist don't have a clandestine ax to grind.

-Too many women are in the upswing of the sport of blaming men, remaining clueless why men are completely sick of their bullshit they spew about how an idea relationship consists of, and what a true family is all about. Single moms are guilty as charged.

-Men, with still too few positive leadership roles coming from forefathers, aren't looking to matriarchal figureheads for several reasons, including the fact women don't want to truly understand men (they already think they do) Instead of providing more respect, nurturing them, mentoring them, and giving insight, they up the ante with guilt and shame, thus continuing the cycle of alienating and turning men off to them. Since they demand social obligation from men as a right, they get weak and and tenuous results because they refuse to uphold any similar conditions in the social compact.