Thursday, September 17, 2015

The MGTOW Manifesto, The Black Pill, and Unveiling the Truth

With all the apparent in-fighting in the manosphere and heated differences regarding MGTOW, there has to be something that clears things up.

On his blog, The Black Pill states:

MGTOW happened because of the decisions of many men concerning the nature of women.  They made those decisions not because of a document but because they rationally assessed the situation with women.  Even the authors of the so called MGTOW manifesto knew this.  

One of the salient matters that several people fail to grasp (or don't want to) is that men have adapted and expounded upon MGTOW as a philosophy and a way of being, if you will.  I was on Nice Guy's forum when much of the ideas were fleshed out and discussed, and occasionally with heated arguments.   I was there online with Ragnar, Zed, arthur, alonso, JadedGuy, Teflon, Alpha, Mechanized, Kevin Biomech, and a host of others were in the fray for the first few years.

I find it funny how there are those who damn us as "hating women" since many of us dared to question and discuss the real meaning of gynocentric behavior. Perhaps this truly frightens and dismays the manosphere detractors (although they will not admit to such emotions), and that is part of the reason why we have seen anyone like Esmay and others lash out at us as hatemongers and cultish.

We are exposing these truths, and it is not always pretty or fits with their deluded sense of how the dynamic of the sexes really is in life.

Even on NG's site, sadly, much of the resistance of understanding gynocentric culture came from the posters who still had "Let's go back to the 1950s!" mindset, or the idea that feminism was a corrupting influence . . . rather than the fact that women latched on to feminism because of its benefits and using it to  mask highly selfish and destructive motivations.   Feminism is another outgrowth of gynocentric behavior, as an ideology institutionalized and media saturated norm.

One of several faults of the tradcon manosphere posters (currently) is that they are caught up into taking the manifesto literally.  The subjects of the marriage strike, hypergamy, Briffault's law, hypoagency, as well as misandric factors in society such as the legal climate and negative social attitudes towards men were often issues back then as well as now.  The manifesto was skeletal guide, and men are left with the choice to live their lives and adopt to their personal reality as they see fit.

Simply because the marriage strike was not mentioned does not negate the paramount importance of the topic, its place in MGTOW, or the effect on women and society.  The manosphere that wants to condemn MGTOW or co-opt it is engaged in one or more of the following:

-They are in denial of the laws and social norms that are seriously damaging towards men.
-They do not understand the legalities and the way the system is rigged against them.
-They believe in their hubris that they can somehow "alpha" their way through it struggles they face in the current state of affairs.
-They do not think that what happens to other men will happen to them.
-They are having grave trouble with accepting the dark side of selfish female nature, and that countless women consider men as packmules or disposable.  This includes them.
-They cannot accept that the push to get married places them more in the line fire than not getting married.
-They are demonizing men that have gone their own way without coming to terms with the gravity of the issues we are facing as men, and we are scapegoated because we have the audacity to speak the truth.
-They do not want to accept that gynocentricism is deeply embedded in Western culture, and both modern "traditionalism" and feminism are two major aspects of it.

With all that in mind, let's get back to TBP and more of what he has to say:

They came up with the phrase “men going their own way” because they noticed one reason the MRM which was not working was because “men kept going their own way”.

Essentially speaking, he is correct.  I remember when Zed was actively posting on NG's site, and he remarked that men had an incredible amount of stubbornness even when concerning their own welfare.  With all the in-fighting and vehemence involved, even, that's why men going their own way was coined---and attributed to Zed himself.   He also mentioned that so many types of men's rights movements---to his dismay---would splinter and fracture.  There had to be a better way of men being able to educate, empower, and save themselves.  Hence, MGTOW was born from those proverbial waters, if you will.

Anyone still embracing the manosphere misunderstanding (or purposeful misguidance of MGTOW) needs to scan Zed's writings.  I think a few are even too stupid to understand them if they read any prose at all (Matt Forney comes to mind, not surprisingly).  But many will benefit from them if they are willing to have their eyes opened.

TBP continues here:

The authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto invented nothing.  They only observed a phenomena among men (which if you include monasticism has been going on for centuries), gave it a name, and then tried to use that name to control it. 

What MGTOW detractors don't either get (or bitterly resent) is that the acronym is way of codifying a mindset and behavior among men on paper, but there is more to it.  It is about men resisting the control and unwarranted yoke of society hefted on them, and discovering their own value as men.  It could any other label, but its usage is profound in a way.  Throughout history, there have always been men fed up with the treatment they were receiving, and carved their own paths for their sake of their own self interest.  This troubles society, feminists, and self-serving parasites, for it throws off the shackles of self-obligation (and the inherent hypocrisy and exploitation of men that comes with it).

Let's see what TBP caps things off with:

They failed at trying to control MGTOW, but since their document exists enemies of MGTOW can use to pull the “I’m not really against MGTOW because the MGTOW Manifesto” scam.  Regardless, even the authors of the so called MGTOW Manifesto knew that it had nothing to do with actual MGTOW.

The insidious thing is that there are scam artists and deeply troubled individuals laying claim they are the real deal, but there is a curious side effect; their meltdowns and true colors are being exposed.  Part of their spiel is clinging to the fundamental interpretation of the draft of the manifesto without realizing that was merely a spring board for the philosophy.  Either that, or they are employing it for selfish ends and causing conflict with other men.  MGTOW is also a rational reaction to how a misandric culture treats men, the imbalance of gynocentricism, and taking the reigns away from the female imperative to enable men gain personal power.  It seems the recent critics are not terribly happy with that.

Those out to "own" MGTOW and control men have already been met with an iron boot of backlash.  There exists more than one reason for this---there are men done with being controlled, done with being scammed, done with being exploited, and done with hacks and hollow gurus spewing horseshit for their own ego and gain.

The lamentable thing is that feminist and white knights must be having a grand time about all the all-fighting and pissing contests.  Still, the jovial online banter from them wouldn't last long, and the reputation of those who want to twist MGTOW  for their own nefarious purposes will fail (and probably will scapegoat others, of course, while they fall).

This is a shout out to The Black Pill and Zed/Zenpriest.  Thank you for inciting me to light the inspirational fires again on my blog.  SR