Monday, February 16, 2009

A Post Valentine's Day Trashing: Two Videos

From outlaw2747 . . .

And ramzpaul.

Good stuff.

Beauty In Darkness I

I'm sure some may have been surprised I did not take St. Valentine's Day to task, although I will post a video concerning that holiday quickly. There's probably a worthy post to trash it and its trite and hollow nod to commercialism and skank entitlement if there ever was one---hell, even a forum I used to frequent had a few women practically rage that it was one day that somehow men owned them that special time, one day that would involve a woman really being treated as lady in the face of all the other trials and tribulations in her life.

Uh huh. And where is the mutual admiration?

That's one of many reasons I refuse to heed or acknowledge all of it. When it comes down to the marrow itself, it shouldn't be one significant day that a couple has to shift the attention and gifts in a one-sided manner. Both persons should treat each other as the real gift to each other, and any importance on material or superficial gestures downplayed in favor for what really matters.

A day about love should not focus solely on one gender.

Funny how so many would agree with the above sentiment, and yet I've heard compliants aplenty from single gals about the lack of attention and affection on a holiday they acted as if didn't hold any weight. Those same ones were getting drunk or stoned, making a ruckus and allaying their insecurities with hanging out and acting foolish. Nothing wrong with a good party, but it's something when a person would rather get brain dead intoxicated and puke among the company of trasient drinkers than face the abysmal mirror of their own loneliness.

Welcome to what so many men face. Often everyday. Despite all the remarks about equality and women seeking men out, many men would live lives of quiet desperation without actively reaching out and pursuing women. I am no snaggletooth or hunchback by any means, but women don't aggressively ask me out every day, either---and this is from someone who could have bedded more women than I choose to. It's easy to be a loner as a man; making your presence known isn't "offering" anything to your mercernary-minded shrew. Men that don't have a pile of cash, high visiblity, a goldmine of social connections have to work just to gain some form of attention at all. Worse still, there are quite a few gals that would rather compete over a man and be tenth in line rather than ease into the haven of a man women aren't fawning over.

And trouble is, as one cynical commenter pointed out, there are "average Janes" that don't want your "average Joe;" she is ever vigilant about meeting her knight in shinning armor while men stuggle to gain a foothold in the dating scene. Since it's the order of the day to find something to reject in a potential suitor rather than a trait to allow an attraction to grow, it's become even more difficult for men. And with all the exclaimations that's it's a man's world, even in anything from hook up culture to trying to discover a mate for marriage and family, what man in their right mind would want a dynamic that is even HARDER to meet a good partner to be with? Not many, but that is what has happened over time.

There are so many things against men at this point without going into the legal ramifications on any level, it's a testament to men that don't give up on the impluse to find that special someone. For those that have, it's not a hopeless situation.

One man in particular remarked---all too late, however, that making the need for a woman as the center piece of your life will never make you happy. Our culture, with its massive undercurrent of gynocentric trends ingrains the injunction of please the female without recognizing that our own welfare must be taken care of. Ultimately, it's up to us how that manifests. Regardless of the good and bad women you come across, individual men have to carve their own path and find their own way FIRST and completely be at ease with themselves and their lives. Most, if not all, of the petty roadmaps and romantic tomes about women and relationships dictate how men should change for women---this is serious mistake. If you are not happy with yourself and somehow need to adjust and compromise your integrity for a possible lifetime partner, it's the wrong situation and the wrong person.

Yes, there is darkness out there. We, as MGTOW, despite a growing number of men waking up, are still forced to define how and what the real beauty that exists for each and every one of us truly can be. Politicians, gender feminists, the media, and mass commercialism isn't going to give one whit or demonstrate any real empathy for our dilemmas unless we decide for ourselves what is good and right for us. One may face scorn and mockery because that person stands alone behind their principles, but at the end of the day it isn't the mob that has to live with maintaing self-respect, but that man that continued to forge outward and seek his own inner light.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best. Prayer. Ever.

I posted this many moons ago on another forum and I've always loved this film. Here's a scene that I'll let speak for itself.

Prayer to Crom/Prayer of Revenge.

Another Young Man Gets It

Before I post this vlog title here, I apologize for not revealing the comments right away. Don't worry about this, I will continue to check in and haven't abandoned the ship here whatsoever. Keep the remarks coming!

With all the info out there I'm dying to write more myself, and if I mined all of the vids and posts I enjoyed this blog would be overflowing. So I have to pick and choose here and there.

Here's one of many I liked, and I hope everyone who hasn't already plundered around this corner of the site likes it as well.

How Feminism Screwed My Generation