Saturday, August 17, 2013

Myself and Obbop On Discussing Alleged Ameriskank "Generosity" And Selflessness

From a MGTOW forum recently:
I believe females tend to be more materialistic and greedy... feathering their own nest before considering others.

Perhaps a thought about the recent post mentioning yet another MALE fire fighter that died helping others and my comment about the lack of females volunteering to assist their community and others at a risk to themselves.

I will be hard to convince that females have more empathy for others than males do.

Men are far more prone to engage in self-sacrifice than women do as a given rule, and that's on practically every level. If there's a story about a woman saving someone that is unknown to her at the risk of her very life, I'd like to hear it. I'm sure it has happened but I'm at a loss of reading about a news event like that lately.

As a contrast, men have done this in Western culture throughout time, and not just for their own wives/offspring. Hell, there are women who claim that they will fight to the death for their children, but considering how many mistreat their own kids, I have to give pause. Of course, you can't tell them that they are shitty mothers or that they are still extremely selfish; watch the fury come close to the surface if you dare question it.

As far as lending money, even on my own experiences (when I did date) there were very few women that felt like they should contribute, or just were flat broke at the end of the month. I'd see women that would complain how an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband would ride on their coattails, and when they had got to me there was a chip on their shoulder. Suddenly, they wanted a man to pay up, simply put. The Gods only know how many women I went through like that---I figured if they were not lying about how allegedly generous they were with a partner (and they probably were lying on some aspect), and would shunt all the resentment on me, I'd dump them.

And women philanthropists? That's got to be an oxymoron. Seriously.

Perhaps a few individual females possess traits conducive to societal improvement but I believe most will be too busy squawking on their cell phones or staring at the sales rack in the mall to concern themselves with much more than meeting their own wants, desires and hedonistic lusts.

If more men dare wake up and realize how Ameriskanks are egocentric and selfish to the core---and what they truly think about men---you just might see more incidents like Costa Concordia accident manifest, and women forced to help themselves no matter what. Hell, if you even glance over personal ads out of boredom some time, you can see them getting more angry out of desperation for men to pick up the pieces of their broken lives and bad choices.

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