Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Upcoming Thoughts On the "Child Man" Nonsense

Time is of the essence, unfortunately, but why not write. I've been my usual busy self, and left this blog in some neglect. I don't like that, because there's much to explore and uncover.

There's been a certain fervor over the buzz about Kay S. Hymowitz writings (
Child-Man in the Promised Land) and her ilk; much of it I could dissect and examine, but I honestly believe that two factors are pretty crucial here; for one, she doesn't see the inherent hypocrisy concerning women acting like perpetual adolescents, and the other salient one, I seriously wonder if there is an underlying attack not just against masculinity, but that men that are happy and content are somehow dysfunctional.

Of course, we can't inhibit women from their goals and happiness, but trashing men for their pursuits is okay.

God forbid men find leisure in activities that aren't centered around her overdriven, bloated histrionics; it would mean that the Kays of the world aren't all that and a bag of chips. Perhaps her creeping age is also bugging her; I suspect since youthful (and youthful looking and acting) women that actually cherish men are getting more attention than her. Instead of slagging the women she's mad as hell with, it's easier to write an "expose" on men rife with stereotypes. She also never examines why men aren't marrying as much as they used to---never mind the fact that the marriage institution has been a raw deal for so many men and the ever possibility that a woman can divorce a man simply because marital bliss has gone, and the damage men can face in divorce courts.

Of course, there's the usual banter about how men are threatened by empowered women. We're not. We're sick of being demonized and told how to live, and that despite our imperfections we are somehow lesser human beings (or worse) simply because we are not women, but men. We're sick of government intervention fueled by unnatural and illogical feminist agendas forcing its way into our lives when we are pretty much trying to overcome our struggles without the baggage and toxins of anti-male bias no matter where the source. We aren't afraid of "empowered" women; we are, however, fed up with the facade of so-called "independent" women acting like spoiled brats and bitches, the manginas who defend them at any cost, and that that the feminist-minded---in their zeal to prove themselves as superior, will hold men down and cripple them in some fashion . . . and then tell men to "grow up" and embrace them after years of abuse and having clear advantages.

It it too much to ask them to let us live our lives in peace? There's no doubt about it.