Friday, February 25, 2011

Dancing With The Night Wind 1

I had a curious---and uninvited---experience the other day.

Many years ago I had worked a low-paying job that eventually had me scrambling for another another within a matter of a few months. I was let go as someone that (allegedly) was not suitable for the position I had been offered, and being young and somewhat naive I didn't bother to seriously question the decision that my employer made or fight back---which I would have done now days even if it meant taking legal action. Of course, being a job that held little promise didn't make me want to stay to begin with; some might think they had done me a favor by canning me, but at the time I was dismayed despite finding another fairly quickly.

One of my co-workers was openly feminist, brazen, loud-mouthed, antagonistic, and harassing. While it was the owners choice to cut me from their fold, I truly believe she was instrumental in getting me fired. Ironically, if I had displayed the same behavior she possessed I would have been in hot water in an instant. There was a brief witch hunt (of sorts) that occurred there and I wasn't the only one to be axed, but she wasn't one of them. I remember being rather defensive around her and feeling uncomfortable in her presence---I believe my employers had toyed with the idea of keeping me, but with her word they were swayed otherwise.

I'll call her Rose here.

Rose, I believe, wanted to cheat on her husband with me and felt spurned. She was constantly hitting on me and making sexual comments. Again, being a man and rather intimidating looking, I would have lasted even less if had I done the same with her and it had been unwelcome. Rose conjured up falsehoods about me being an employee that was unhealthy to deal with (ultimately) because she could not manipulate me one way or another, whether it was anything to demeaning me to sleeping with me.

Many years later I was coming out of one of the gyms where I practice mixed marital arts I saw Rose. For a few weeks I completely ignored her, and at best I quickly glanced at her without acknowledgment or a lingering gaze at all. I made no effort to contact her or act as if I cared or knew who she was.

One day, an instructor and I were leaving the building to train with another who specializes in groundfighting/grappling, when Rose trots up to butt into our conversation out of no where. In her audacity, she asks me if I remember working with her and was surprised that if had remembered her it "didn't register in my eyes." I swear if she had been any closer she would have bumped into me.

I told her she looked familiar but didn't know her. I quickened my pace and turned away stating coldly, "We have to go," and cut her off.

There are reasons why I relate this story. The Roses of the world cannot be trusted, and it isn't just because she was a catalyst in getting me fired, which I don't think I deserved, nevertheless.

They are born from the "in your face" style of feminism that embraces the mentality that they should reap the benefits of both traditionalism and license. Rose went around making sexual innuendos when a man doing the same would have faced a charge of sexual harassment. She pushed others emotionally, pretended she was better than men at just about anything, and was clearly vindictive when she didn't get want she wanted---including an affair that had the potential to be dangerous.

Presently, I found her temerity and lack of respect for my personal boundary offensive. She knew back then I was growing wary of her, and the passage of many years and my desire to shun her did not stop her from being an arrogant lap dog for the moment. Insensitivity and hubris, thy name is feminist. She was stupid to not understand my cues or purposefully overlooking them; it is not my problem.

Within another week, the one instructor and I will find another place to train that has nothing to do with the event, but I won't miss her, obviously.

Years after I had been fired from the bed and breakfast, I worked at a bistro for several years. Another "Rose" worked there also, for a time. When I was falsely accused of harassment by her, I turned the tables and stood up for myself. The end result was that she was not to speak to me about anything personal, and she was suspended for a few days to get her act together. And her job was on the line for once.

There is a lesson for the Roses of the world, and feminists in general. Regardless of one believes in karma or not, we, Men Going Our Own Way, do remember the stings, the betrayals, the wrongs, and the hate that feminists create in our lives.
Forgiveness means little if we cannot forge our own path with traps, snares, and venom from them. If it means avoiding them completely outside of fending them off socially and legally, so be it. They will get what they give in some fashion or another, and we will go onward without their insidious influence in our souls as much as possible.