Monday, June 18, 2007

The Death of the Nice Girl

Where are all the nice girls at? Don't tell me. I already know. They are supposed to be devoutly sitting in the church pews waiting for a future husband to come along. They are supposed to be taking care of themselves concerning their health to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. They are supposed to be improving themselves in very fashion, so they are well-rounded individuals men can't resist and feel impelled to be at their sides.

Uh huh.

I may be going against the grain when I state this, but I do think good women are "out there." Trouble is, their exists a dearth of them that seem to be dwindling. Chances are awfully high the the good ones are either scooped up, or in the process of being in the dynamic of being with a man already. Funny how that seems like the flip side of American women's complaint of that all the good men are either married or gay. I don't exactly feel much sympathy for women who blither on like this---it's basically an excuse to stay single and bitch about their condition to their fair weather friends.

Even worse, the ratio of good men to good women is out of whack. I'm not certain about how that ratio is numerically, but I do know how it ultimately plays out for men. There's a lot of single men that are that way for a myriad of reasons, but one of the reasons is what I've stated above, and with the amount of single moms, cast iron bitches, used/washed up sluts, nutjobs, and the more gender feminist minded aren't likely candidates for the man who is more discriminating in his tastes, or serious about having a marriage and family (and children that are legitimately his) that isn't going to crash and burn. Hence, more paucity of good women: add to the fray that the women (men are wary of) overestimate their proverbial market value and shame men who don't date them with shit behavior, I can't say I blame men for not even courting women anymore after a time.

Now, I don't completely buy the traditional lines women repeat, either. I've read where apparent nice gal types have an awful time with shyness and making moves, but it seems like an excuse not to become intimate with men on more than one level. Seems like they have no problems with letting men trip over themselves in order to secure a relationship with them; of course, the responsibility lies at the men's doorstep, her work involves showing up and spending an hour and a half on her looks. You pay for dates. You ask her out. You follow up. You have to say and act in all the right ways. There's no promise that those things will iron out any of your differences or make her bond with you more. Basically, she has veto power and if you're not presenting yourself as a good catch, it's still up to her what occurs, if anything. And men have all the power? Even personally, in this situation? Will she continue the pursuit in kind? That's if she won't meet with her friends and family with any modicum of chagrin at all by being with you---even if you hit it off, your value plummets quickly if peer pressure demands you're a loser unfit to polish her shoes on a shine box.

Women will often go for what other women want, including men. Even a "good" girl will follow some of the examples of a bitchy alpha female if she feels it won't help being affable. The more dirty fighters will conspire if it requires backstabbing, cheating, lying, turning others against each other, stealing a man from his own girlfriend or wife, or even worse tactics. Yet good men still languish without a date, and if they complain about it, they are bitter whiners. But women take sexual rejection infinitely harder than their male cohorts and will even wreck havoc if thwarted. Most men, even half assed players, get used to periods where they are dateless or sexual specters on the primal landscape. Single women, even ones who don't put out easily and use sex as weapon once in a relationship, get tied in knots when they aren't attracting men like they used to.

Interesting how women use, "You should get laid/you're a loser that can't get laid."

And men are the ones obsessed with sex? What? Women aren't? With their vociferous amounts of babbling concerning their children, their asses, their boobs, their sex lives, birth control, abortion, tampons, PMS, how to give better blowjobs, or competing with other women over the slim minority of men deemed worthy, while dressing up sexy for the approval of their tenuous partnerships they developed they label as "friends?"

Christianity or any other religion holds no guarantee she internalized solid character values. Tramp stamps be damned. It's another indication of the hive mind American women either adopt or innately possess---I'll let the armchair theorists debate whether or not it's sociobiological imperatives that lead them to the habituation of such nihilistic hedonism; the ersatz rebellion of tattoos, piercings, drunken and stoned at an endless array of nights, hopping from one man to another, one club to another, in a desperate search for the next thrill at the party. Capricious in her ways, the "spiritual NOT religious" females aren't terribly different from women who feel they are the (a)moral arbitrators of those values---since they are women and feel justified in taking the tenets and either absorbing them as they see fit, or changing them in mid-stream when they work against her egocentrism.

Nice girls? Yeah, I may have gotten off the beaten track here, but you're outnumbered by the women I've outlined above. I'd ask you to prove me wrong, but I'm tried of arguing about it anymore.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To all of the fathers out there, and the most appreciation to my own.

If this is post is brief, it's not because of lack of desire, but lack of sleep. Kudos to you all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Few Words about Women and Being "Taken"

In another form, a woman who'll I'll dub as KM, writes the following in regards to women and sexuality:

Oh, for Pete's sake. You guys tell yourselves whatever you want. I want to be held down. And it has nothing to do with the media or being schizo or anything. (Although I'm not ready to claim sanity yet...) It's a biological fact. And what's more, I'm willing to bet it's the woman who initiates it more often than not.

Ever read a romance novel? Um....never mind. Probably not. I've only read maybe 10 in my life. The thing is, the guy in the romance novel who gets the girl isn't the one who's all solicitous to make sure she gets home unmolested. She appreciates him, of course. But it's the dark stranger, the wounded, solitary count, the viking warrior who gets the girl. And he doesn't hurt her. He is forceful, yes, but has control. Look at Dracula. Well, I guess technically Dracula does hurt them, but he has the whole eternal life, undead attraction thing going for him.

Romance novels are not written to influence women. They're written to appeal to women.

Well, friends, I couldn't help but respond. Since I have trouble with such claims, I'll tell you why, here---I'll add a few things as I go tomorrow:

Even aside from women initiating it more often than not, hell, many men haven't even met women ask them out on a fucking date once.

Men are told by women to "treat them like a lady." Well, after seeing how decidedly unladylike women can be, why should they?

The one pivotal thing you must remember is that there has to be an underlying mutual consent. The gender feminists who want men, assiduously, to keep tabs on everything. They have men merely ask like little servants begging for crumbs and don't like gray areas because they operate out of fear. The women who play dangerous games of "rapo" like shifting from wanton slut to battered victim because they are lashing out at men because they feel like they have to maintain dominance and punishment---no matter how malefic its manifestation. That one time they didn't feel like it was consensual on a whim, simply because the relationship isn't going the right way, is the day he's in deep shit.

By doing the above, it ensues there is no "equality" in the sexual dynamic. The gatekeepers can stifle the valves of libido, and despite being having more control, blame the other for misreading cues or breaking the ground rules established. How interesting---the one with more power has less responsibility, and guess who's the one with more sexual power. This is where the feminists are in denial or clearly full of shit. It is also an undertone that's evident here---women's sexuality and essence is more significant and of import than men's, vulnerabilities be damned.

Many men are not given a manual for women and the sociobiology of sexuality, and when they do get something akin to it, it's often comprised of a couple of things---it's still about benefiting women, advice from women, and a good amount of filler. It's usually up to nice guys to fill in the blanks, and since that is often from inexperience, they can trip up---and that's, of course, their fault, even if they are in the dark.

If everything was cut and dried, there would be far lesser problems. But women often tell men, "Figure me out, I'm a woman, but I won't give you all the clues, but I change when I want" to "I wish you hadn't figured me out, it's scary"---because it indicates a loss of control when men truly understand women and sexual desire. Keeping men off kilter and committing sins of omission, even with intercourse, allows women the upper hand. Even the street talk on women when men get together and start comparing notes looks quite different from the idiotic maze women use in order to filter out men that are undesirables---men aren't interested in the fodder, they are interested in what works and not getting in the doghouse with women---IF they bother at all.

There's also a dark side to that mysterious rogue character you mentioned. Women have fantasies about them and make a grave mistake that underneath it all is that guy she pined for in her blossoming sexual maturation. Hell, even one of my ex-girlfriends loved the idea of Beauty and Beast and other seemly inane fairy tales. Yet, fairy tales can have a lot to teach us---including about those who are fixated with certain figures. Women who want to lose momentary control still think that their anti-hero, an inversion of the savior motif, will protect and rescue them.

A true dark master has allegiance to no one but himself, whether he is the modern version of the black magician, or beast masquerading as human---its contemporary manifestation is the psychopath who usurps women's personal power, even if it means torturing and killing her.

This is why I just shake my head at women (which is seems to be a domain of a lot of white women, especially) reveling in fantasies about being aggressed against.