Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Notes on Father's Day

There's a plethora of MRA material on Father's Day, but suffice to say that I am very grateful that both my own father and my maternal grandfather are still around to talk to and spend time with. That time in itself is precious considering how my grandfather is nearly 90 and my father struggled with bouts of chronic depression for the longest time. I am thankful that I can still be with them either in person or in spirit. Not everyone can say that.

To any and all the fathers out there reading this, I salute you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overburdened Skanks, Datelessness, and A Modern Dilemma

On occasion, I will casually glance over the complaints of women about men on forums and blogs concerning their own love lives. Certain things spring to mind any time that I indulge, and it only confirms what I already know.

If anything, I find it curious that someone would not only price themselves out of the market, possess a mammoth laundry list of items in which they expect a man to live up to (and not adhere to herself), all the while wondering why she can't find a good man. Yep. All men are bastards. Lazy. Fat and indolent. Homosexual. Boring. Little character or integrity. Womanizing. Emotionally bankrupt. And yet our prime example of skankdom can't figure out that she has expired herself into dating oblivion.

Take note on the single mom who writes about her kids and how she places them first above all else. Fair enough. But most men read that and realize they are not at the high end of priorities. Further that with reality that many men simply do not want to raise someone else's progeny. Ask them; most would rather have their own DNA passed down and be provider for children that they are certain of paternity, or in a minority of cases, opt out and be childfree.

It doesn't seem to sink until later in life. Of course, when darling figures out that she's not attracting men 24/7 and not receiving free drinks and drugs at the club because her looks are fading, she can always blame men wholesale and become bitter at the prospect that the alpha male celebrity is not coming to save her as a white knight riding a horse.

The shock that these women meet head on when they find that they are not having men gravitating towards them---as they had in their younger years---is maddening. I've read essay-length laments on how romance and sex is dead in their lives.

Guess what sweetheart---welcome to what many men have had to face since high school on upwards. There are men that have had to navigate through skank and gender feminist infested colleges and other institutions in order to find a gem in a pile of mediocrity. They've faced alienation, depression, mockery, constant rejection, sexual frustation, incessant insults to their masculinity . . . all the while being told to grin and bear it.

Well, I guess it's just natures's way of telling sweetheart it's her turn.

And here's even something to inspire more eye-rolling. I was lurking on one of the forums in question, and a particular single mom exclaimed, "as if we are supposed to feel grateful a man would date us!"

You should Virginia---you are, to a large extent, a product of seriously damaging social engineering that is gradually backfiring. Hard.

All assumptions about cuckolding and sociobiology aside, when push comes to shove most men who want to engage in parental investment desire that the infant you birthed had attributes of his genetic legacy as well. A man who takes up the banner of playing surrogate daddy and entering the arrangment of a reconstituted family has a uncertain future, and like it or not, the instinct to protect those children are not same as yours. Period.

Not to mention men, over the long haul, don't like to find they are second fiddle to everything when they are giving their all. To add insult to injury, the more hardened ballbusters exude more toxic attitudes and entitlement than their mispend youth---a youth that should been employed to attract a good, hardworking man that they damned as boring and geeky during their party-til-ya-puke daze.

Hence the dilemma. Instead of being more seductive, accomidating, and understanding of a potential male partner, they carry the scars from their whoring and broken relationships and expect other men---in their hubris---to pick up the tab and "man up."

What reasonable man who---in his right mind---would possibly embrace this?

Let me tell you a story. A while back I had the inclination to do something I thought was rather ego-gratifying, but there was also a method to my madness here.

There exist free profile sites that either rate or allow you to show a little more than church attire in a way to attract the opposite sex. My curiosity got the best of me, and since a plethora of women were quite content to display their taut bodies in tiny bikinis, I did a series of my own beekcake shots. Now, before you think this has gone to my head, I was a little surprised at my own athletic look, although years of off and on training in grappling, boxing, Muay Thai, and working out on a regular basis tends to mold your physique. I was also ambiguous in my ad, neither stating that I was looking for an eternal covenant or good old fashioned sex.

You can see who's checked out on the sites. Not surprisingly, I received many, but what was paramount was the ones who did write me off the cuff, including a couple of women who were not exactly shy about how much they liked what they saw.

They were almost all older women. And I can hear the MGTOWs right now thinking about the expiration date factor, or perhaps a cougar who wanted to snag a younger buff guy before the twlight of her years were upon her.

Believe it or not, I didn't give them that pleasure, even.

These were the women, I am sure, that would have shunned me as a creep or cannon fodder when I was a gangly teenager if they had been an age peer. Suddenly, I was "hot" and "gorgeous" even if my pics were rather histrionic. That's what I would have been dubbed not so long ago.

Of course, rather than entertain them other than the obvious, I did what the bitchy, haughty, game-playing skanks have done in their prime years to would be suitors---I simply shunned them with my silence and drifted from cyberspace to my own peace with my own terms in real life.

Payback is a bitch, isn't it?