Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Nocturnal Rumination

It takes an adult woman to realize they need adult men, but in order for women to come to terms that men are not second class citizens to be demeaned, toys for their amusement, or the enemy, they need to stop the interpsychic and gender war with men. This era we are in a serious chasm in spite of obvious couplings, and I honestly hope it doesn't reach some sort of sexual armageddon..

Men are gradually waking up to their belittled status in a culture that is woefully anti-male on many fronts, but the saddening thing is that there exist women that aren't reconciliatory, but up the ante even more when men start asserting they are people, too---which was one of the basal claims of feminism for women . . .

. . . which turned out to be female supremacist in outlook rather than for "equality."

Let Me Entertain You . . .

Many, many moons ago, I joined up with a free dating site that had a discussion forum where members could, with some restrictions, write under several topics. While some of the discussions were intriguing and even have me still lurk on occasion, whether it be about science, nutrition, or philosophy, or a myriad of other that comes to mind, a solid bulk of the forum rested on relationship and dating issues.

Lest I remind someone, even with some indication to who you are conversing with and how they perceptually approach subjects, the vitriol from your typical resentment-filled skank ranged from subtle to complete male-bashing. Granted, there were a few posters here and there that tried to be rational and not attempt to slide into an embittered sex war on the site. But the male bashing and bitterness reared its ugly head time and time again.

It seemed that favoritism towards women and preference guided the mods' hands. Any act of protest from men could have been criticized by a feminist-minded single mom or skank as "misogynist" and either dismissed or a borderline hate-filled rant that ended in an anti-crescendo of typical accusations---from slagging calling out the man as anything from a sexist jerk to someone that couldn't get laid (odd that, considering the idea that "jerks" and "bad boys" from the stereotype are supposed to be more sexually desirable among skanks, but whatever).

There was even one incidence I recall with a feminist and a definant man going round and round. The latter did not feel sorry for a woman that had slept with bottom-feeder mates as a young woman and had children from these dregs which she could barely support. He kept arguing that the woman in question should have took responsibility for mate selection and the consequences from that past life, curtly stating near the end he didn't feel much for the apparently troubled gal.

The feminist responded with a quite the unsurprising retort. Instead of trying to promote compassion for another woman or persuading him that he was not seeing it from another's lens, she did what so many do in order demostrate her lesson with a recap that resulted in the vicious slam, "You should be crucified, you bastard."

I'm not making this up.

And the male poster had refrained from direct personal attacks, merely providing his opinion, no matter how tough love oriented it had been. He didn't lose his cool or slam womendom entire. But his alleged lack of empathy was met with something altogether more fierce. And very telling.

It makes me wonder what goes on in the minds of feminist women and skanks like this. Does the fliter of cyber semi-anonymity provide them with the impetus to be more caustic and hateful? Or are they truly as malevolent, blame-shifting, self-righteous, and embittered as they came across in tone?

I think some of them are. They are the ones I avoid on every level now.

Clearly, many of posters on the forum are engaging in nothing more than pissing contests, attention whoring, and a mini-celebrity of sorts to boost an ego. And it's a sad commentary that there are skanks that will do just about anything to be relevent and get attention from men rather than be shunned. Ostracism and ignoring them are utterly crippling, especially outside of cyberspace. They might even resort to anything and everything up (and including) threats of violent thoughts in order to get their bullying across.

That, to me, is truly aborrent.

My pivotal point wasn't just one moment in time, a true epiphany, but I decided when a woman that claimed herself as feminist abandoned (at least) an attempt to stick to the tenets of debate in argumentation---and kept employing non sequiturs, argumentum ad personnams,
and continual self-projection was not worth the time or the energy. I have become a conscientious objector, and have uneventfully left the building. And it feels better than ever, that peace of mind!

One event in particular sticks out in mind; I conveyed to an older woman that most men simply do not have the reproductive rights as women on various levels, and she never ONCE conceded for a moment that it was a fact after several posts and a couple of days of sparring back and forth, utilizing red herrings and being evasive in order to show she was for female supremacy and not equal rights.

I have come to the point where hooks arguments and going toe to toe with them is a hideous waste of my time. Even without the overt abuse, hatred, gross assumptions, and negative vehemence, having heated discussions with feminists would have to yield a modicum of mutual respect. If that is not possible, they are utterly shunned. Yes, I see the value in cluebatting, but the irrational pitch of hostile feminists are nothing that I desire to be privy to outside of lurking. And that's that.

After all, they didn't need us men, why should they now? Why should they give a damn what we think (as if they did, anyway). Or is "benevolent sexism" (i.e. chivarly and protectionisms that benefit them) something out of "patriarchy" they don't want to give up just yet from us?

If you're branded as a misogynist, no matter how poignant your truths are, is is best to congregate with anyone that respectfully disagrees or at least sees you more than a second class citizen. If suggestion, facts, or persuasion do not yield a greater understanding and cohersion in the gender war---a war that feminists clearly started, and we have to pick up the pieces and move forward for ourselves---not to live our lives for battle just for the sake of it.

Let them deal with the darkness in themselves by witnessing their own reflections in the mirror. Perhaps, they can't handle it, but I would rather leave them to their own devices than let them project it onto the unwilling That's damage I don't need..

There is no saving them, but only ourselves in the long haul. .