Monday, April 6, 2009

Beauty Is Only Razor Deep II: A Cold Fire

As always, I write on other forays and (unfortunately) my blog suffers from neglect at times. I figured I'd share this one here, and the first quote in italics is from someone I'll merely dub as Guy here.

My absence is always temporary. There is always something to reveal, explore, and uncover.

Without further ado . . .

What turned out to be the best luck for me was that girls in high school were so contemptuous that I learned the important lesson that basing my dignity or happiness on their approval would be suicidal. So I did not do that, and never made that mistake in college.

I learned at the age of twenty-two that if a positive sense of self hinged on what women thought of me I would have gone crazy. (And I might add that our culture sees men as "less than" if we do not attract women or have their sexual and loving affection most of the time--ed.).

I do not employ that last word lightly, either. I may come across here as controlled and thoughtful, but as a teenager I was so passionate about things women who toss passion around in their usage have little idea what that means.

Oddly enough, it was somewhat around that time when I had met an older woman that led me down the path to MGTOW without me (or her) even really knowing it. That's something I've wanted to blog about for a long time. I will soon enough.

There was a profound side-effect, and it's something that I try to impress on women that aren't so ready to throw out personal attacks and listen for a moment---if that's possible. A year later I turned a bit colder and even a tad sinister, although I don't consider myself an "evil" person whatever connotation that implies. I'm more reticent about being that way now, but that period where I had changed has not ever completely left me. Maybe I shouldn't forget those lessons and how I was.

I had seen and experienced just enough to come to an eerie realization---I could walk away from just about anyone, burn bridges, and never look back. While it's true that I relish the nucleus of friends and family I adore . . . there exist many people, and that includes a woman that had pulled any number of stunts that Ameriskanks are known for--could be proverbially dumped by the wayside and I would forge on, no matter how much it hurt.

I lost a lot of patience for pretension, drama, pettiness, and my tolerance level for childishness came crashing way down.

There is a danger is losing men like me. And there are more out there than some would care to investigate.

I'm sure there are ones that would say, "I don't care about assholes like you, anyway, I'm young and hot and can get someone else." I say go for it. Because that doesn't last forever, and once they are in their 30s and 40s those same overgrown brats discover that shitty entitlement attitude doesn't always work anymore, and men have wised up and stopped yielding to it. The women that are broken and encumbered at that age have lives that seem more like drudgery and a liability than a warm haven.

I think there are Western women that hate this.

The idea of an unburdened man that has the strength to tear away, no matter how painful, is more scary than the feminist fears of brutal and angry men. They will protest this notion all they want, but let's face it; the impetus to control men is very strong, and a man that isn't easily manipulated or emotionally dominated is a source of resentment and even wariness. Even moderately violent men that still stick around is a man that still has something to be harvested on some level.

As much as there are women out there that claim they like "bad boys" akin to this, those same women generally and bitterly resent men that cannot be domesticated completely. Even those bad boys give women approval and validation.

I came to the conclusion then that those same skanks would prefer someone who cheats, perpetrates DV, imbibes drugs, is chronically lazy, spends his money on alcohol and other trivial pursuits---or a combination of the above---than someone who doesn't put up with too much bullshit and emotional game-playing. That same bad boy role has the same purpose as the traditionalist man---to ultimately appease his partner at the end of the day, even if that relationship's foundation is shaky and the dynamic tainted.

If those same women had to face the dark void of solitude and self-reliance that men are forced to endure without a loving spouse, a good number of them, without any other support, would crumble and go insane. Let's face it; many men, even at an early age, would embrace the situation of a understanding, respectful, attractive woman of depth and inner strength. Once it dawns on them that may not ever happen, we have to walk on regardless of the dark shadows and personal struggles.

I don't believe American skanks can make that same claim. It's a lie, a myth, and chimera, and everyone is supposed to buy into it.


Anonymous said...

Yes women have never been trained for the task of solitude as men have been. Men have been forced to adapt to solitude both by nature during the eons of evolution and on a personal level during the countless rejections we must face. We are dismayed by solitude and the wastelands of emotional coldness and yet we can thrive and prosper in these wastelands, to become poets, mystics, inventors or warriors, all in our own ways. This is an important difference between men and women and a difference we as men must aknowledge regardless of our current position if we are to rise to our former greatness. Women has never been forged to withstand solitude, even those so called spinsters rely on the attention of the workplace, the curch or , as of late, the temple.


Anonymous said...

I am a twenty year old woman who really enjoyed your post. A traitor to my gender as women would probably say but I am ashamed of my own gender so much that I tend to refer to women as "they" instead of "we".

Women have ruined things for themselves. No matter how much they want to pretend they are fine on their own; they still want a man and they still need a man. The attitudes of women today are abhorrent, especially women my age. They are spoiled, selfish, rude, and obnoxious and only because they feel they are entitled to it because they are white women and have suffered so long under men.

I don't feel like I have suffered at all nor do I feel like any woman alive today has suffered because of the "patriarchy" BS that they use an excuse for their entitlement. I feel fortunate and eternally grateful to my husband that provides for me and I show and express that gratitude the best way that I can.

If anyone suffers it is the man that breaks his back working to provide for his ungrateful family.

I know that so many men are very unhappy, and it makes me sad for some reason, probably because women are the cause of a lot of it. I don't know why I preoccupy myself with men's problems or issues, but for some reason I really care about it and I wish that women would get their heads out of the sand and quit shunning what they need most, a man.