Thursday, April 16, 2009

About Comments, Catching Up, and Argumentation

I'll be quick here and state that if anyone wishes to comment that I screen them. If you don't see your response, please be patient.

I apologize for any brief absence and will get to your writings soon enough. I usually check my blog every couple of days and---eventually---want to make in more active again. I come and go in cycles, and in no way has my main viewpoints or themes changed; this is also a place that, while not perfect for networking, can be also used to keep in touch with me if need be.

While I don't have strict rules on posting because I don't receive a bulk of negative remarks, as usual I reserve the right to restrict or prevent the ones riddled with personal attacks. I feel that they are not only untruths, but designed to veer away from the purpose of this blog. Invariably, they often follow a typical pattern or motif and usually have tone of someone carrying the mantle of self-righteousness while either casting scorn or asking their target to prove themselves worthy. Obviously, my patience fell through the floor ages ago, and stopped giving attention whores and smug online arrogant bickerers any license. Once that happens, they tend to leave pretty quickly when they know I don't care.

When I started, I did receive a modicum of constructive criticism and even welcomed the counter points. That, to me, is part of the essence of argumentation, and devil's advocacy isn't an innately bad thing. While I don't incite it here, I can (and will) receive contrary views if they are civil and articulate. Boorish and offensive material are a waste of my time and will not be entertained.

Of course, there exists an occasional kind of debater that resists anything remotely like Occam's Razor, resorts to circular reasoning, and resorts to sophistry. Admittedy, it does get rather tiresome, but I'd rather deal with that than the banal ad hominem barbs that have little or no basis in fact. Fielding off the same name calling horseshit eats away time and energy.

In the past, I actually did post on feminist sites when I had the time and inclination. After reading the inevitable logical fallacies for the Nth time (you don't agree with me, therefore, you hate women, blah blah blah) I did the right thing---I expressed my opinions elsewhere.

Harry Potter, one of the blog owners of a provocatively-titled link, has made a point concurrent with mine about pointing things out and exposing the truth; it isn't "hate" for doing so, but the scorn and accusations leveled at a poster because of this can be legion, and after a certain junction they become pointless to react to. I have used the expression The Empress Wears No Clothes as an apt term, and those proclaiming the hows and whys are often treated with embittered resentment and stigma for doing so.

The irony is that despite all the nasty and unfounded attacks, it only serves to strengthen the rationale to continue forth.

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