Friday, November 14, 2008

Personals, pick up artistry, and feminism, oh my!

This is taken from another forum, edited (slightly) but the content remains the same..

Playerdom is a numbers game. For someone who wants success with women, it's good advice to hang around women a lot and keep a solid attitude but not get too phased by the bullshit and game playing. I think one of the crucial points that make a percentage of men here fed up is that men generally tend to be direct and honest about things when Ameriskanks are infamous for being drama princesses and thrive on petty conflicts and ambiguity. It's no surprise that it could bore and annoy someone to the point on not caring; funny how women will place personal ads that state "I'm not into drama and playing games" when they either did it heavily in the past, are in denial, or just liars.

You have to remember that your typical young woman acts pseudo-cynical, yet are pretty gullible to the feedback loop that you just outlined---so many Western women, despite protests to the contrary, are typically sheep and will go after men that other women subconsciously appoint as desirable, whether he's a legit alpha or not. There is some truth to the "fake it 'till you make it" PUA mentality, although a guy will have to enjoy the chase and tactics along the way.

This means a lot of work that I'm sure members here would rather forsake. To me, it's a source of amusement; I take personal ads and women's desires posted on them with grain of salt. I confess there is a bit of a loverboy in me, but as time goes on I choose not to engage that much because it's a great deal of effort for a modicum of payoff.

Again, many here have stopped dating and seeking out AW altogether, but there is a benefit for juggling women when you're dating to seek out which is better for you. If there's no ring on your finger, you're obligated to no one. "Single" women do this all the time. Hell, most women don't care about marriage vows nowdays, but that's another thread (although they they are in love with the wedding day fantasy---yuck!).

It makes you more desirable, believe ir or not, even to women that claim they are monogamous if you are wanted by other women. Plus, it prevents getting stuck on one that will drag things out indefinitely or try to mindfuck you while never making up her own.

That's high school crap you don't need, when you can be seeing someone else. And yeah, while it's not the salient attitude on this forum, I've been honest about a few past exploits with women, including mentioning to C.V. and Al. that I've flirted with women and implied I may have been a male stripper or polyamorous without overtly saying it, and it actually made them more intrigued. Since I'm tall, athletic/muscular, and a bit of a trickster, it would be an approach that might help again if I was more ardent about fucking and chucking. At this juncture, I'm more proud that I'm STD-free and spend my time improving my MMA/TMA game instead.

It says something about the nature of these women in particular, including those who present the facade of being a nice girl that they are attracted to wayward and men who seek out multiple partners. It's not something that the stand up guys here would prefer to do and I certainly respect that. As for myself, since I lost a truckload of respect for AWs it's something I play with---that is IF I feel like it. It's come to the point where I'm generally too busy with other personal and professional garbage to bother.

Which brings me to another foray. I've (admittedly) gotten laid through personal ads in the past, but it's a tough road to walk and no matter how little or many women you attract, you can't expect too much and just use them as another tool. Even with the proliferation of free personal ads and the growing numbers of women using them, there is a MAMMOTH amount of attention whores on them that rarely meet men in person and get a kick of seeing men fall over themselves in cyberspace trying to get them for relationships, for better or ill. If anyone wants to be even remotely serious about meeting a woman for anything from a causal sexual tryst to a LTR, just view is as an avenue and nothing more, one of many. It's only one option.

For example, there are women on certain sites that have been there FOR YEARS and continue to complain about not finding a good man, and simply won't because it would shatter their worldview of the nice guy/bad boy complex they have towards men. They are fixated with it despite decrying men (who use it with a fraction of energy and intent) as losers and asocial creeps. They have something to prove, axes to grind, and are a vicious as any feminist online because they can be. It validates their sense of worth and self-righteousness. They are complete and utter liars when they act as if they want a good man; good men aren't that difficult to find and chances are fairly likely these women have an assortment of problems, including anything from financial, addictions they try to hide, and even mental illness.

Avoid the forums of any personal ad site like the plague even if you're simply looking for hook up for coffee; the anti-male venom is paramount and if you get branded as a misogynist they are nothing short of ruthless---unless you don't care what they think and don't mind being suspended or banned. There are quite a few women there that love to have enemies; never give them a chance for interaction at all.

All of this is, of course, anyone who still bothers to navigate the waters. Obviously, pretty much most of the posters here know my view about Ameriskanks anyway, especially considering I refuse to marry or procreate with any of them, as it stands, for obvious reasons.

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