Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something To Ponder

There's been a glut of articles about how men are anything from child-men to the erroneous charge that men are finished, and among much of the muck and blather that has raised its ugly scathing head, it seems that a fact gets lost in the maelstrom that never is on the forefront of women's minds.

Someone along the line, men's wants and needs have seemingly become irrelevant.  From a MGTOW perspective, many see that Western society caters to women ceaselessly at everyone's expense, and the feminist lie that patriarchy controls women at every turn seems just that: a lie.  Even men have argued on various videos that traditional women still demand men as beasts of burden and take advantage of both license and protectionism.  

With all of this, someone has forgotten to ask what makes men truly happy.  It is as if we are supposed to fill those roles of protector and provider without complaint, no matter how much misandry we have to wade through .  . . or that those roles could be still damned by a vindictive bitch with a ravenous lawyer and false accusations.  Hell, when a man does actually follow the beat of his own drum, he's called anything from creep, gay, loser, child-man, and even more vile barbs have been spat forth.

All the legal traps and social malaise aside, I made an offhand comment the other day that I wanted to focus more on----it seems so many women want to make themselves less interesting and even repulsive to men than ever, and yet somehow we are supposed to still offer unconditional love to them at the end of the day.  Only a deluded fool or masochist would dream of such rotten bargain, and yet when men balk at it---for pretty damn good reasons---we are dubbed as anything from bitter to even possibly dangerous.  It's pathetic.  

Men's happiness----and their insistence on rational self-interest---is seen as antithetical to the whims of women, and the cries of asshole and misogynist abound.  But as society might, when discovering men's real motives, it would be hard pressed to blame us for resorting to such a stance.  But it does.  Constantly.  We are viewed as guilty as charged.  It's damned if we do, damned if we don't.  

There's a plethora of reasons why men concur with a MGTOW mentality.  But what is curious is that women do not think men's happiness is paramount .  . . or even an issue.  When men start to deeply mistrust a woman that they would willing find solace in her arms with, and that does not abate, more women are apt to find men that "won't commit" but still remain clueless about it.

They remand clueless, because they don't realize their behavior is part of the cause.  Without serious self-examination, there are women that spend a good portion of their lives fouling up what could be a deep, profound bond between the sexes.  When they tire of the drama and conflict (often self-created), it's typically too late.  

It's my belief women are inclined to be, well, women, but at the same time are quite capable of change and being the agents of adapting.  The big question is thus: will they ever treat men's happiness as anything of import?  Will they espect men as much as they expect it in turn?   On one hand, I believe it is quite possible; however, it remains to be seen.  Perhaps they will only bother when enough men tire of the emotional games, power trips, and toxic relationships.  After all, despite feminist myths to the contrary, many women have benefited from both traditionalism and "equality," and they aren't prone to give up their own privileges any time soon.  


Anonymous said...


Interesting blog. I'm glad I've found it.

I'm fairly new to the US, and coming from a traditional society, I have been unable to absorb the level of feminism/misandry in this culture/society. Of all of the things that have had profound effect on me since my arrival in this country - over a year ago - the level of anti-male behavior that exists here, coupled with the repugnant and repulsive women in America, has been the most striking.

What happened to these women? How could they swallow feminism to this extent? They are manly, unattractive, raised in a seemingly toxic environment where they don't know how to be women. They possess an offending sense of entitlement; regardless of her unappealing attributes she deserves any man she desires whenever convenient for her, irrelevant of his input. To the people back home where I come from, Africa, it's simply incomprehensible that women could be this way.

I think what made me comment on this article, more than anything else, is the similarity of the aforementioned points with my experience here. The women are not what men want and are astonishingly oblivious!

I've been hit on by them so many times but I don't want them, from their perspective that cannot be. So I get angry looks now instead of the smiles and the jokes; it's never them, it's me. I'm sorry but I value traditional marriage and don't want the fluff.

Anonymous said...

Commenting African Anom's comment: That's why the problem isn't the feminine gender, the problem is the Feminist Movement. Because I know no social movement has ever received any kind of proxy from the people they claim to represent. Their leaders have a collective mindset and don't care about the individuals. I don't recognise a feminist to be my leader or representative. Men from manosphere they aren't speaking about me, they are speaking about radical feminist women and feminist brainwashed anglo women.
I am a woman who's got her share of flaws and mistakes and I really appreciate constructive criticism given out of the heart lovingly and gently. I'm a person who really wants to be a better person, I'm truely interested in self improvement.
However I understand generalizing is a much more economic way of speaking one's mind, and I myself also generalise, it's much easier.

Brazilian Woman.