Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Truly Lamentable, It Really Is . . .

From the spirit runs poison, and the wheel of
Fortune is ever still,
Sweeter than the light, the darkness of your soul,
Immaculate, deception.

Something has touched, the spirit inside,
Once there was love now there's a void.
Nights of deception, ghosts in my mind,
Am I bewitched, slave to desire.

It's knowing that times keeps rolling on, night after
Day, day after night,
It's knowing that feeling of coming home, to where
My spirit lies.

"Immaculate Deception"---Black Sabbath

The curious thing is that as I grow older I don't feel the need so much for companionship.  Sure, I lament that feminism, as well as certain factors have made things highly difficult for men to find a truly decent partner and I certainly don't dismiss the pain from that---notice I didn't employ the word "frustration," it implies that the yearning so many men feel for a woman that would stand beside (them regardless of what happened) is trivial, when it's certainly not.  It truly is a deep human need to desire a profound bond with the opposite sex, and so many sources seem to make it trite when men express it while thwarted, as if it's always their fault.  

Of course, if a woman can't find a man and desires to have one, it's not her fault.  There's no good men out there, right?  

And after all, withholding affection, acting superior sans merit, lack of human decency---and even being callous and emotionally cruel---are more hallmarks of Ameriskank breed.  It's a way of control and passive-aggressive dominance.  If men returned the favor in kind, they would have a pulmonary infraction.   Men desire to be with women, and despite the fact women have a level of desire for men, the malignant maze that is erected in order to obtain affection could make one question why men have to "earn" something women just should receive bountifully because of their gender.  Men have been subjected to such misandry to view themselves as lesser than women, and that will be never be good enough for what Warren Farrell dubbed as the "genetic celebrity."   And Ameriskanks believe that they are that genetic celebrity by simple virtue of their vagina, even though very few will look remotely like Monica Bellucci when they are her age.  

Not that I don't think about it time and again.  When I was a teen and a hopeless romantic, I found even then that one could cry to the heavens for love and receive nothing.   Now that I'm a doer more than a dreamer, the shine that our culture regards the feminine mystique has turned lackluster.  It's been said before, but very few women really love and respect men for what they are.  We truly are a means to an end, and if we treated women with the same behavior it would be deemed exploitative and selfish.  I can visualize  women having serious breakdowns when men have conditioned themselves against the same.  

Even more troubling is how men's issues are viewed as trite compared to the smallest whims and fancy if a woman.  Our society, in this aspect, is guilty as charged.  If it was the opposite----men's needs trumping women's every time---I could see why feminists would protest and have a legitimate gripe, but it's far from the truth and proof our culture smacks of a matriarchy with the external trappings of patriarchy.  

It's also been said that men don't just look for relationships just for sex.  Some do, but many are looking for that very love, respect, comfort, and admiration that just doesn't seem to be happening so much.   If you are a sensitive man and long to show yourself openly, flaws and all, expecting kindness and warmth in the arms of a woman is a mistake; you are going to eventually have a rude awakening.   Not to mention that a really sensitive man would be upset at continued mistreatment and the experience that he is not on par with the woman he is interacting with.  An Ameriskank cannot possibly have this because she must have the upper hand no matter how she would be resentful of a man that isn't the leader.  Hence their cognitive dissonance concerning men; despite being attracted to alpha traits, they disapprove of men taking the lead because of feminism and perceived "inequality."  But a man that will acquiesce is a doormat, a pushover.  A dull beta male.  

As a youth, there was a period where I found little solace in many things and would have given a welcome relief if a young woman had been even mildly supportive.  I let that go by the wayside even with a couple of serious relationships.   Despite what anyone has told you, Ameriskanks despise "weakness" (i.e. kindness and empathy) in men because it would mean that they would have to see us as truly human beings rather than second class citizens.  Or worse.  One could argue it is an extension of an Ameriskank's own self-loathing; treating a man has fully human and a deep well would mean that perhaps her vain illusion of her own superiority (in a culture that constantly polishes her bloated ego) would shatter . . . and she would have to re-evaluate her own self-worth and deal with her inner anger.

At the beginning of my post I mentioned I don't concern myself with being with a woman in the long haul.  I still wish something good could have happened between myself and a decent woman, but I don't waste time wishing upon a star.  I have to live my life, and hope springs eternal.  Even finding someone roughly equivalent seems improbable.  

The really damning thing is that men like me are "dangerous" in some sense, but not in the way feminists want to portray us.  We stand up for ourselves, do activity in our own circles, and while societal demands us to be slavishly obligated to women without reward, the more it does so, the more we push away.  This is truly frightening to those are championing their lie of being strong and independent while ever being resentful of the fact they can no longer use a man who's eyes have been opened.  They condemned good men as boring and useless, once they truly need us we will give them what they really deserve .  . . even if it is nothing but scorn and silence.  I truly believe that given the chance most men would be loving and compassionate with women, but after a large part of a lifetime of embittered male-bashing and resistance, why are they still surprised when men opt out?   


Anonymous said...

I really cannot understand these american feminists... Truely cognitive dissonance... They despise men so easily while I haven't been lucky in my romantic life. I wish I could be so blessed... what a waste!

Brazilian woman.

MarkyMark said...

I truly believe that given the chance most men would be loving and compassionate with women, but after a large part of a lifetime of embittered male-bashing and resistance, why are they still surprised when men opt out?

EXACTLY! This is one of your best posts, SR! You're a powerful, persuasive writer who speaks from the heart...

Anonymous said...

I got the following hateful email from a woman named Kathy Grandt, from Port Richey, Florida, after she had received a link to my Boycott American Women blog. Here it is:

From: Kathy Grandt
To: John Rambo
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: Boycott American Women


WOW. So if a man decides to NOT marry an American woman, he should be shot and murdered?

THIS IS HOW HATEFUL, SEXIST, AND EVIL AMERICAN WOMEN HAVE BECOME. I suggest you write to Kathy and ask her why she is promoting MURDER of MEN? She is one sick woman, for sure. If anyone can track down where she works, we can also write to her employer and ask them why they are employing a woman who thinks it is okay to murder men.

Here is her email:
Here is her Facebook page:

The name of her daughter is Christina Costantino, and her daughter's Facebook profile is here:
Christina's email is:
I suggest you write to her daughter and ask her why her mother has such deep hatred for men that she thinks it is okay to murder men.

Anonymous said...

Well, to me her reaction is not a surprise. What were you expecting of it? Rejoice, and praise and thanks? Of course not! Her reaction was understandable and predictable. I am not defending her because it's obvious to me she was deeply sexist and hateful. But american women will never like a blog that advocates the boycott of them.

Brazilian Woman.

djc said...

I'm already boycotting them, and will continue to. I don't trust a damned one of them to not use the power given to them by the state. I will not put myself in that position ever again. So for me it's zero tolerance until the laws are made just again.