Friday, April 22, 2011

W.F. Price: "Mangum Facing Murder Charges in Boyfriend’s Stabbing Death"

We'll see how this develops . . . from The Spearhead:

Crystal Mangum, Duke Lacrosse false rape accuser, has had a number of run-ins with the law in recent years, and they have culminated in the stabbing death of her boyfriend Reginald Daye. Mangum and Daye were heard arguing over money before the stabbing, which prompted a police call. Police visited, and left without making any arrests. After the police left Mangum picked up a kitchen knife and plunged it into the 46-year-old housepainter. Reginald Daye lingered for a while, dying on April 13.

Daye may have been unwise (to put it mildly) to begin a relationship with the notorious Ms. Mangum, but he did not deserve to die for his error in judgment. In any event, the narrative pushed by feminists – that women are eternal victims of men – probably leads a number of less circumspect men to exercise less caution in their relationships with women.

That Mangum, a tool of the feminists who sought to destroy the lives of innocent young men in a false rape case, is now facing murder charges is little surprise. Feminists seized onto Mangum’s vicious lies as justification for condemning young college men across the country, using the false accusation as yet another weapon in their jihad against men. Mangum probably does not identify as a feminist, but she is a soldier for their cause nonetheless.

Although feminists may have been deeply disappointed that her false rape accusations ultimately failed under scrutiny, perhaps now they can derive some satisfaction from the fact that one of their tools has at least ended the life of one man, momentarily sating their bloodlust with a singular act of butchery. Lest anyone think this is an exaggeration, we should take care to remember the feminist defense of child-killer Andrea Yates and glee over Lorena Bobbit’s genital mutilation.


Anonymous said...

"There's no excuse for domestic violence"

unless of course you are a woman who hurts a man or a child, then there are excuses aplenty

Anonymous said...

Did she end up making a sammich?

turdhole said...

absolutely not

Fidelbogen said...

"Mangum probably does not identify as a feminist, but she is a soldier for their cause nonetheless. "

From another angle, most feminists would not identify Valerie Solanas "as a feminist" (however she identified herself) and yet, Valerie is not just a soldier, but a commanding officer for their cause.