Friday, June 4, 2010

Yeah, I'm still around

To have a quick post here, I haven't abandoned ship. I have been working a lot and trying to set my life in order---in the last year too many changes happened, so on occasion I have posted articles I found interesting to keep it active outside of my own tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. Many things, including my father's health, changing jobs, moving into another state, and changing residences have been several factors my quasi-hiatus.

I haven't run out of steam or things to say---quite the opposite, in fact. But as time goes by I continue to stop in and check comments, so feel free to remark on anything I post. They are screened but I am here at least every other day, and more thoughts and contributions are on the way.

Kudos, SR


Eman said...


I feel you, man. Go do what you have to do...Keep up the good fight!

I think you're one of the most hearfelt MGTOW bloggers out right now.

Get some rest, buddy!


Anonymous said...

I'm remo on Mancoat.

Haven't commented or been there in months and probably a year for my last comment. But I've followed your blog a bit, because you were one of my favorite commenters on Mancoat.

Thanks for this blog.


MarkyMark said...


I'm going through the moving thing; the big day is tomorrow-ugghh! That, and I've been working a lot myself. I just informed my readers that I'll be posting sporadically for the same reasons.


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the haters.

patr333x said...

I know how you feel. There are things I want to do but time is simply not always there.

I guess we will all write when we can.