Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forever Feminist Fail(ure)

The Amazing Atheist has caused quite a stir on the 'Net, but whether you share his beliefs or not, his complete OWNAGE of this feminist is utterly fantastic. I absolutely love it.

Enjoy, MGTOWers!


Anonymous said...

Feminists caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Yes, that's right. Feminists caused the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The muslims who are fighting the American army mainly just don't want the feminist western culture to come to their countries also, which is why they are fighting against the western powers. They don't want their women to also be turned into prostitutes.

If these stupid American bitch feminists want equal rights, they should also go to the front lines and risk their lives. But no, they'd rather just send the men out to die for their "equal rights" while they sit at home in Starbucks, and cheating on their boyfriends who are over there fighting.

Feminism is directly responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And to anyone who doubts that feminism is a major cause of this bloody war, let's not forget that feminists have openly tried to justify this war in the name of "liberating the Afghan women". If these scumbag feminists feel that way, why don't THEY go out to the front lines? That would be REAL EQUAL RIGHTS! But no, they send the men off to go die so that they can continue to sit on their fat ass and watch Sex in the City. I refuse to fight for or defend such whores. Let the feminists defend themselves, since they "don't need men", anyway. Feminists are such hypocrites.

These feminists have the blood of all of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians killed in Iraq/Afghanistan on their hands. May God save them from their sins.

Pattaya Girls said...

classic video, wish it had a wider audience.

*** ******** said...

don't forget to mention the district attrorney nifong who came and basically said he knew something happened before indictments were handed out....then was later busted for ethics violations and convicted.

and keep in mind this chick had accused a taxi driver of rape before the LX case ever happened. talk about the chick who cried wolf.