Monday, September 7, 2009

Smashing the Social Contract Asunder

There's been more talk about the roles men are supposed to enact concerning masculinity, and while I don't intend for this post to ramble on too much about it, it is rather concurrent with the "child-man" bashing that occurred last year or so.

Funny thing is, you read and hear about the lament from women about the lack of "real men"---whatever that is supposed to mean anymore---when all the possibilities of their other exploits have been practically exhausted---someone is supposed to pick up the tab and pay for all the mistakes and foibles from the past. I don't know why anyone would want to be the brunt of all the resentment because of a misspent youth, but the code of chivalry that runs deep within many men doesn't die easily.

But it can be mangled for good after being abused for only so much. And the long term results aren't always pretty.

When feminists were hell bent to rearrange gender roles, something particular happened. While many will attest that feminism would free up men from the confines of traditionalism, if anything, it has not occurred. Women have choices and license, and men still have responsibilities---and then some. Hell, even a male feminist openly stated that miltary men should be employed to save foreign women from their perspective cultural constraints, without a word about women doing the same. When in doubt, use men by proxy and claim all the credit.

It's curious that the gender that was so oppressed can vote without having to sign up for selective service, or that they are now the majority of college grads and get advanced degrees often with more support, or aren't the victim in a greater percentage of violent crimes, or still (somewhat) out live their sexual counterparts. Not to mention that women are often given lighter sentences than men, even with murder.

As far as benevolent sexism, it still benefits those who decry it, and that's why many will not refuse it. After all, giving up priviledge is not easy to do---especially those who complain that they were oppressed and lack the certain benefits they are already comfortable with, expecting more out of men who already may not realize they are being shafted as I write this.

And yet, people are still puzzled as to why men are dropping out or turning off, so to speak. When skank behavior is excused and praised, and men suffer in the advent of divorce and custody battles, or when women still jump start divorce and others witness how little sympathy men still receive, can they be blamed not when they don't want to engage at all? We still are, anyway. Sure, the older traditional compact had it's drawbacks, but with any social obligation there was a checks and balances of sorts.

And after all this, there are people who want to go back to the old rules. The audacity of this way of thinking is simply stunning.

When men see that there exist women that change the rules in mid-stream to suit themselves and adjust the odds so they win no matter what--and societal norms, policies, and the media to back it all up---if Johnny Normal resorts to playing Xbox on the weekend and slipping on cheap alcohol instead of beefing up his PUA skills anymore, should anyone be surprised? Or are anyone stunned when he avoids single moms like a leper colony in his 30s and 40s because they cry for a beast of burden to raise someone else's offspring, which smacks of a matriachal setting hypocritically demanding the trappings of a patriarchal nuclear family?

When men are shunted with social obligations and women given the illusion of freendoms with universal support from anyone from selfish politicians to the dim witted skank in a local club, it's an imbalance that cannot last.

Let's hope the women that have their heads screwed on straight can convince men not to resort to a crushing backlash, but I'm afraid it's going to be huge. And several of us simply won't listen to their needs after being exploited and then told it's all our fault for this mess. But hey, men's needs never were the order of the day, right?


Roy said...

This is absolutely lovely and I would like to link this to my blog if I may.
Some time ago I said the very same thing when I lambasted a woman named Kim for writing that feminism was a mistake and that men too were culpable in it.
That was too much. I said that no man would ever stand for it and I am so glad to see that I am not alone in thinking so. To shunt aside the hate-filled mongerings of odious hags like Andrea Dworkin, Betty Friedan, Maureen O'Dowd etc as "a mistake" is to invite, no summon a backlash of such fury that a tornado will seem calm by comparison. And its coming. I can feel it. Maybe its best to let it happen and batten Feminism to the ground once and for all.

Heavywx said...

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the feminist whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"...and men will look down, and whisper "No.

Anonymous said...

Another great article, buddy.

The backlash against feminism is definitely going to be HUGE, and it's already happening. I read that 50 percent of American women are single and can't find husbands. So it seems that the "marriage strike" has already started. And, many, many men are going overseas to marry foreign women, or are marrying foreign women living in the US.

The days of the bitchy fat white feminists in America are numbered. Many men are waking up now and rejecting them. I myself am trying to help wake up men by my I Hate White Women blog,

Anyway, I am moving to Thailand in a few weeks and will have a wonderful time, surrounded by real women. I am so happy to get the hell away from these bitchy horrible feminazis in America. God Bless the Thais!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog and helping smash some of the endless bullshit that feminists and manginas spew at me. I don't mind their audacity, what annoys me is how they can never come up with an original argument. It's practically always infantile attacks that they throw at you. It just gets boring after awhile. I don't know, I might turn on comment moderation to block out some of the more annoying ones.

-White Male

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Not a problem.

Anonymous said...

I turned off comments on my blog because I got sick of having to deal with the same idiotic arguments over and over again:

"Oh, you just have a small dick."

"You must be gay."

"You're just generalizing."

On another note, I was over at Angry Harry's site and was reading an article he wrote about how men's behaviors are becoming worse and worse, and he said this was all due to feminism. One must ask then, what will society look like after another 20 years of feminism?

Immediately, I thought of A Clockwork Orange (the movie). I think that the society which is portrayed in that movie will be what the backlash against feminism looks like. After all, the feminists are constantly telling men that "men are abusive", "men are rapists", "men are evil", so it is only natural that men will start to behave in such a way.

The genius of Kubrick in that movie, is that he forces you to sympathize with the main character, who is an apparent "sociopath", but after all, he is just a product of the modern society. As feminism gets worse and worse, we will see more of that kind of thing- gangs of young men running around at night, raping women, stealing cars and breaking into houses. And the most insane part of it all is, it will be the women, the feminists, who lose the most. Feminism has caused men to see women simply as sex objects, so when men actually begin to treat women like that, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

That movie also raises questions about what will be the end result of our liberal/feminist society, and it is quite clear- increasing crime and lawlessness amongst the youth, as well as a totalitarianist state.

So, I think the end result of feminism will be a "Clockwork Orange" type of society, and I can't really blame the young men for acting like that, because the feminists brought this on themselves. I think that Alex is the greatest character portrait ever created in a movie, because it is made in such a way that you start liking young Alex. Who came blame him to treating women like sex objects? After all, it is the feminists themselves who present themselves as such (sex objects) and who constantly preach that "men treat women like sex objects". So it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

And call me sadistic, but I think such a dysfunctional society would be well deserved by the feminists, who will be the most exploited by it. They deserve it, especially after how badly they have abused men.

So I realized that this is probably what the backlash against feminism will look like in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Also, modern women don't go for the 'nice guys', rather they go for the "bad guys". So when men catch on to this fact, and start intentionally becoming "bad guys" (like the guys in Clockwork Orange) and intentionally start abusing and using women as sex objects, the feminists/women will have no one to blame but themselves.

Modern women treat men like dirt, so it will come as no surprise when men start reacting likewise- treating women like dirt.

The backlash against feminism will be an entire generation of men who become "bad guys", because they know that they only way they can get women is if they become a "bad guy". And naturally, women will get abused by these "bad boys", but who started this trend? So when the abuse/rape rates start increasing dramatically, the feminists will have no one to blame but themselves.

Feminists are so utterly stupid that they are digging their own grave with a smile on their face. Any society that is influenced by feminism is doomed to self-destruction and extinction. But things will get a hell of a lot more chaotic and violent before the inevitable collapse of modern society, and it will be the women who lose the most.

As for me, I am moving out of America and moving to Thailand in a few weeks, where I got a job with a small food production company. I'll find a nice Thai girl and avoid all of this bullshit, because after all, I am a nice guy. I'm simply fucking sick of dealing with these selfish stuck up bitchy feminist American/western women. When crime and rape starts increasing in America/Europe, I'll simply sit back and laugh at the abuse of these American whores, because they brought it on themselves. And yes, I think I might derive a kind of sadistic satisfaction in hearing about them getting abused/raped, because after all, that is what they have been doing to us men for decades now.

Sociopathic Revelation said...


Please keep in touch--it's great news that you are following your bliss and doing positive things with your life. I am also in the process of making changes even though I am not going overseas at this time. I have a couple of possible job offers that might really create new avenues for me.

Anyway, like I said, keep in touch. Thai women are quite the attraction, so let us MGTOW know how things work out. SR

Anonymous said...

I like your blog a lot, I've gone through the entire thing and read about 30 or so different articles you wrote that I found the most interesting. If you have an email address, we can keep in touch through private email. Who knows who is watching on the public comments, and I don't want to give away my identity and possible get in trouble with the politically correct feminist nazis. If you post your email address on here (in the comments section), I'll leave a message that I got it, and then you can delete the message so that the feminists nazis don't start harassing you at your email address.

Asian women are where it's at. Most of them don't have this bullshit feminazi attitude that western women have. Keep reading my blog also, I got a lot of very powerful articles coming up that are really going to smash the feminists hard. On average, I am getting like 150 hits a day, and as I promote my blog more and more, I hope to increase my daily traffic to something like 300 hits a day. That's why the feminist bitches are so pissed, because they are angry that the truth is finally being exposed.

Sociopathic Revelation said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sean griffon said...

a breath of fresh air, i have already sent your blog link to many of my friends and co-workers who i know will better themselves through your words.

thank you

*** ******** said...

once women began violating the marriage contract....the world as it is was not to last.

JAM36 said...

I think your viewpoint and analysis is spot on (more in line with the Warren Farrell/Glenn Sacks school of MRA thought)and sorely missing within the MRA community, which is largely overrun with paleoconservatives, racialists and other far-right extremists whose main complaint seems to be that feminists are preventing men from being the happy chivalrous success object slaves we used to be.

Imo, traditionalist roles for men is just another form of feminism, where men are slaves to ungrateful entitled women.

True freedom will mean that men will be free of obligations to women, and will only give back as much as we get from them.

Chivalry, emasculation and manipulation are the tools western women are using to enjoy the best of both traditional and modern female privileges/rights with the obligations of neither. Clueless and spineless men are the ones who make it all possible.

The only way to win this war is to cast off chivalry, become impervious to emasculation attacks, and to hold women accountable to their own bullshit. Lets see how independent and tough they are then. Sink or swim bitches.

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Sociopathic Revelation said...

Thanks! There is more to come, I assure you.

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