Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Unorthodox Words on "Equality" and other things

Occasionally, I read about men even saying things about the divide between the sexes I don't care for. Sometimes I think men blame other men almost as much as women. It's an amazing testament that MGTOW has taken off in the past couple of years---I am pro-masculine, yes, but men can lock horns on issues they would be stronger as a group with mutual respect. One thing that strikes me is the notion that men are responsible for this mess we're in, even for feminists, politicians, and male-firsters for getting away with acting like aristocrats over us.

I realize that our opinions are diverse, far more than feminists would give us credit for, or that they would care for. I also realize there is a certain truth in the above sentiment, our generalized notions of fairness and honor be damned; perhaps men have been letting this social malaise we're in drag on for too long. I could cite even personal examples of men committing the dumbest fucking crap in their lives that made me wonder why they were so self-destructive. There is a reason for it, yes, but there also comes a time for self-responsibility, too.

And as much as I have barbs against the Democratic party, the Republicans are not better. Not one bit. What's the difference between a Joe Biden and a George W. Bush? You really believe there actually is? Do you entertain the possibility that either party is going to care about men's issues on the level of attention that women receive? Both were major figureheads in in getting VAWA reauthorized, one of the biggest anti-male federal laws ever fashioned and implemented. NOW were doing cheers when it was official. Does it really matter if one is a Dem or Neocon? Zenpriest was correct in the allegory that one is either choosing for the Bloods or the Crips---only one is more overtly concerned about women's rights at the expense of men, the other expects us to man up.

And man up for what?

Most men, outside of selfish politicians pushing their agendas to keep secure office, thought they were doing the right thing be promoting another insidious form of chivalry re-packaged as seemingly positive and progressive: feminism. After all, isn't it a noble thing to liberate women and support them in their quest for "equality?" And what, if a few men get trampled in the carnage, it's all for a good cause, eh?

But, if anyone is going to surmise that men have gummed things up, they're not completely correct. If anything, it doesn't matter if you can quantify it or not---women have created this culture by the extension of their powers in realms that have great impact and importance. They cry and moan about there are no nice guys out there, but have wanton sex with thugs and players. They blame men for wars and in-fighting, yet vote en mass for male politicians that instigate battle under the guise of patriotism. Thus insuring that women can have a hedonistic heyday on the home front (ever hear about the stories of infidelity women commit well the soldiers are deployed? Or the Unconstitutional debtor's prison solders find themselves in since CS payments weren't deferred while overseas?).

And all the while disrespecting, shaming, and dishonoring men. And if you discuss politically incorrect topics too much at work or, the Gods forbid, denote that there are sex differences at all outside of the obvious, watch your ass if someone gets wind of your "hatespeech" and sends you to HR for alleged sexual harassment. Men are called cowards for inaction, politically or otherwise, but when going beyond defending themselves and counterattacking, suddenly find they are getting legal or social beat down one way or another. And yet again.

Single moms, teachers, their influence on young men, using men by proxy, and sexual and emotional power women have on men is profound and leaves a major deep swathe that sets the tone for the the social dynamic between men and women. It amazes me that even men underestimate this, but women do as well. Don't think for a moment that power would be given up, instinct or not.

Women have created us, literally, and on a metaphorical level, they don't want to completely accept the fact, with all the decrying about male irresponsibility, their own distinct complicity. The hand rocks the candle is the hand that rules the world.

The single mother that expects little Johnny to be a productive citizen and "better" man, more than the father she pushed away with sexist laws or because she chose a bad boy to be her mate (dumb) will find that he'll grow up with more strikes against him. Maybe resenting mother by taking it out on other women when he's older. Maybe rebelling, perhaps, and seeing that women get much of the perks and privileges in Western culture, he feels the weight of inequality even if he isn't a MRA. Every. Damn. Day. Never mind that little Johnny is, quite literally, an extension of her on a primal and psychosocial level.

And do women truly desire "equality"? The real thing? Do you want to know what's that's like if men honestly dealt with you in that manner?

Get into a fight with a man, fuck you, take your lumps. You cares if you're not as strong. It's only fair.

Don't want to get shot or blown up on the front lines in war? Hey, fuck you, you're stepping up with the men and risking your life and limb, regardless of the studies of lowered female morale and less ability to deal with violence.

Valentines Day? Buy me flowers, woman. Better yet, I buy you flowers, you give me a passionate blow job.

Marriage? You pay up for your wedding dress, your share. This wedding cake doesn't just magically appear out of thin air.

Can't keep up with me sexually or athletically? Get out. I'll find another hottie that will keep in shape and rock my world.

Ask me out on date for once. I'll let you pay for dinner for the reward of screwing me. Or maybe I'll bitch at for you objectifying me as a hot stud---I'm not just a good lay, I'm human being. How dare you think I'll just bang you for a dinner date, Virginia. What about my mind? My heart? My dreams and aspirations?

Oil change? Garbage taken out? Cooking for yourself? Self defense? Deal with it. You wanted equality, you got it. Now man up like that strong independent woman you are . . . I thought feminism was about equality.

Bah . . .

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