Sunday, April 29, 2007

Standing up for Masculinity

Voodoojock, of his own site I linked to as well as others, enjoyed this response to "I am a feminist" so I am reproducing it here.

I am masculinist because of the following:

-It was obvious that I would be subject to more violence (across the board) because I am a man, and our justice system is more protective of women and the local authorities more reticent to look out for men.

-I had to pay much of my college courses and programs out of my own pocket, and special funds for my own sex simply did not exist.

-When I woke up to the fact in high school the elitist young women, whether they were sluttish or prudes would never consider me as a love interest because of my working class male status.

-I am a masculinist because women believe they have an inherent right to demean my sexuality and masculinity without consequences, or without protest, and if I do, I am considered a misogynist by default.

-I am masculinist because the Supreme Court historically favors American women in spite of feminist propaganda claiming otherwise.

-I am pro-male because I know that false charges of DV, sexual harassment, rape, and paternity fraud possibly leveled at me women are believed even in the face of ZERO evidence, the former three of which far outweigh any ersatz charges by men.

-I am this way because I will have to work harder than any female for recognition, job security, and status, and that employers are more fearful of firing and laying off women than men. When women can take more time off OUTSIDE of just pregnancy and use sick leave as an excuse more than I can.

-I am pro-masculinity when I know that women in clubs or lounges will always believe they know me, men, and relationships despite never truly accepting me for the holistic totality of my being, and would rather dismiss me out of hand than face true intimacy.

-I am pro-men because I realize that men's health, their pain and suffering, their burdens, and their loneliness and alienation is still overlooked, ignored, or even invisible according to this culture.

I AM A MAN, Virginia . . . deal with it.


Anonymous said...

VoodooJock has a way with words, doesn't he?

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Hehe, actually this was something he enjoyed that I had written.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, SR.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. Good job, SR.