Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Man's Rant Against Ersatz Equality

This is a snippet from KellyMac's site from an anon poster named Free Man. I think he sums up what many men are thinking but can't express openly---although it's coming to the forefront more and more---and is quite concurrent with MGTOW, and even with men that may not have ever came across the essence of the acronym, but are gradually coming the realization of what so-called equality means to the more feminist-minded.

Kudos to you, dear sir, if you are reading this. This message can never be spread enough, online or otherwise.

If women truly want equality then why do they fight to keep their 100% reproductive rights. If women truly want equality then why do they get custody of the children 95% of the time regardless of which parent is more capable, has more financial income and is more emotionally capable of doing so. If women want true equality then why do they expect men to finance their lives and give them gifts at all holiday’s. If women want true equality then why do they freak out when a man asks them for a prenup. If a man asks a women for a prenup he is an insensitive greedy jerk but if a woman asks for a prenup she is being fiscally responsible.

Why is this?? I’ll tell you why. Feminism is a scam. Women are a scam. Women don’t want equality or happiness for men. Women have been taught since they are able to speak that men must be fought and battled to get everything out of them possible. They are taught from puberty to use sex and their looks to manipulate and abuse men at every opportunity. They are taught that women have been oppressed for thousands of years when the exact opposite is true.

Men have died protecting women for millenium. Men jump in front of bullets to save their wives and children and it is men who have created everything that exists in the world from roads to cell phones and everything in between and women never thank men for doing this. All they do is bitch and complain and abuse men at every turn. I am single (thank god) with no children and every man I know that is married is miserable and says the same thing about their wife. That she was nice and normal before they got married, but as soon as they got married she changed into an evil bitch who does nothing but suck the life out of their man and act like freaking child their whole lives while their husbands busts their ass 50 hours a week, pays the bills, takes care of the kids, fixes the house, and jumps in front of bullets for them.

My advice to non-married men out there is to not get married at all costs to a western women. Don’t get them preganant and don’t finance their lives.

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