Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Diatribe about Women who Bitch about House Work


Another response to a skank on a "romance" forum that doesn't get it. I'll call her DR here.

Another rant I think speaks for itself. From yours truly.

Most men (60% or more) refuse to recognize that a woman's work in the home is worth anything, never mind paying them a dollar an hour.

It's because that's something you, as an adult, should have learned to provide for yourself and not outside help, leeching off of someone's funds simply because of an entitlement complex, or the fact that I know many men that already do these things for themselves and get no appreciation for it, either. Cooking and cleaning is something that isn't a job unless that's the field you are legitimately and actively doing a service for someone else---to think otherwise Western feminist hubris.

Tack on the fact that the idea that men pull their weigh far more t in career avenues that are tedious, dangerous, require odd hours, or time away from friends and family with little vacation or down time. Women are not barred from jobs like this, and there are laws over the decades to prevent them from signing up. Guess what---many women still aren't applying for them, and maybe it would be a reason to complain if they were in logging, truck driving, or firefighting to be pampered once in a while---but they are not joining en masse for careers that are hazardous and not that fun. To cry about work at home when men are still the majority of the workers in jobs that are soul draining and potentially injurious is rather weak in more than one aspect.

The abysmally stupid argument about toilet seats and who takes out the garbage seems a bit trite when a guy working in a foundry all day only gets a decent, nutritious meal because he makes it himself since several women have opted to believe cooking and cleaning are oppressive and demeaning. Not all women think like this, but a lot of women believe being a "strong woman" is controlling men and doing a minimum amount of shit work . . . when most men realize that grunt work (around the home) is something that has to be done regardless. And if you don't think many men think and act this way, you're purposefully seeking lazy men to enact a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I've cooked gourmet dinners, scrubed toilets, took out my own garbage, dusted, done laundry, vacuumed the carpet, and done dishes largely for myself for over 23 years. Hell, I've had girlfriends that were PROUD they didn't know how to cook and got around to cleaning only when the dishes and clothes got unbearable. I don't expect compensation because most men don't get any.

Cry me a river about work at home

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