Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Gimmie All You Got!"

Since I write around the 'Net, I occasionally post something here that is fairly relevant to the subjects at hand. This one is an inquiry about a woman that was, apparently, concerned at my own hypocrisy, and a thread about---I'm not kidding---men's expiration dates.

Now, I realize things are different from men in their elderly years compared to their 20s. Often far different. But does this mean all of sudden we are useless? Give me a break.

Did I fail to mention that the OP who started this is almost 50? Apparently, she feeling her own morality and lack of being desirable, and probably is expunging it on men.

Of course, I get someone a tad upset at my own apparent callousness---I took the OP to task, and she didn't respond. Can't say I'm surprised---I can be a terror at times, and that's excluding personal attacks. I can dig deep.

Anyway, here's the one poser which I will call Z., and further down, another man (S) makes a comment I liked. Read the rest for yourself, since I think it's strength in context is already pretty much there.

I don't know SR..I mean I'm all for your point that men have been mistreated to some extent..and some of the points you make....but, do you really believe all women are mean and bitter? And does humor or irony escape you? You, yourself, never say anything nice about women that I've read, and how is that different?

It's different because men are still getting shut down and shut up. It's different because unlike others I don't give a shit when someone who purposefully threw the gauntet and and enters a fighting arena, then might cry foul when their opponent strikes back. I don't care if I come across as embittered and curt---those who get hung up on my totality are timid about my content. I say what the unorthodox are thinking but don't want to appear as too extreme or lose approval with women. I claim what those who don't have the articulation want to express.

I will give the OP credit for not slagging everyone who vehemently disagrees, even her actions are questionable.

And you must have missed my posts on how there were women that stated men should have the same options to find themselves in their younger years, just like women are given license to do so. I agreed with them and found it refreshing. It's uncommon on this site. When a woman is blatantly pro-masculine, even if I didn't agree with every detail, I might even encourage it. Unfortunately, it's almost a rarity, and since my Internet time has spread thin between several avenues, this area is where I become more polemic and leave stronger barbs. There's reasons for it.

The OP has made herself clear and will not take any responsibility for it. She's opened herself and her message up for criticisms, and plays a half assed evasive tactic in one of her posts, but the thread was meant to be self-promoting while at the same time degrading towards men in a fashion.

I maintain that if the same topic had the genders reversed, the thread would have garnered a slew of angry responses (mostly from women and a few men that defended them) and eventually deleted. Here, we have only a handful of posters reacting towards it as biased and a few pot shots, but no where near the caustic remarks the hypothetical situation would have generated, and the thread hasn't disappeared.

Very telling, isn't it?

You say something that virtually no one here wants to consider because even the mere possibility is actually frightening to them. While I don't believe that all women are bad and malevolent, I do think a staggering amount do not truly realize what men go through. I don't think this modern condition is germane to women throughout time, but I have come to the reluctant conclusion that many women simply don't respect or love men very much, and it's far from my own experiences.

Call me cynical; time and experience will only continue to bring that truth to the fore.

This thread is one of God knows many that is amply evidence of this, even in cyberspace, it reflects what I usually just hint at. It's not the only theme, but I reserve them for other sites where people will actually debate them rather than dismiss what is obvious. At this point, I don't even completely blame "feminism" for the resentment many women have towards men, as much as the people who embrace garbage that's anti-male.

At some pivotal point, you have accept the ramifications of your beliefs, especially if they make you appear sterling and good while hurting others in the process. If men cannot be exempt of this, then neither can women.

Many men don't ruminate about how this effects us; we're supposed to be tough in the face of adversity and take the abuses, both social and personal. And speaking of what men go through and mistreatment, I think if many men sat down and thought about the myriad of injustices against them, they would be outraged. But even men get sucked into their own denial of being "real men" to those who would use them so they can look and act the part. In some sense, I suppose it's what keeps things going and that the societal machinery doesn't grind to a halt, but men also have to rise above themselves to a certain extent Western culture calls for; self-sacrifice and compromise.

I think you can safely assume I am not one of those men that views nobility in that for myself, but exploitation. If it makes me a "misogynist" simply because I value my person above social obligation (which is often code for elitist pricks that use others to advance their gain and push their own agendas), I really wonder why anyone would care. I think it strikes down deeper than many here, of either gender, is often willing to admit. And if it means taking a devil's advocate viewpoint and deepening my talons on a poster that acts untouchable and beyond sexual critique, so be it.

The odd thing is that, for the longest time, I was very much into gender reconciliation. Just about everyone talks as if it's a good thing; most don't really want it. I'm just firing off a few proverbial shots now and again to make sure no one gets totally absorbed in this matriarchal-style slumber which ultimately benefits very few.

S: Maybe those stable guys are finally coming back to saying, "Hey, what about me" ???

I think men in general should have to ask that of themselves more and more, out of rational self-interest, and ignore all the hollow chants of "sexist" and "arrogant" that would deviate them from their own vision.

(BTW) the title is a quote from Heat, directed by Michael Mann. Highly recommended flick.

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