Friday, November 2, 2007

A Different Take on Sensitve Men and "Fragile" Men Egos

Recently, I wrote this in response on another forum to some gal who dubbed herself as 'funnygirl.' It pretty much explains itself.

What funnygirl probably won't admit, is that women's egos are easily just as disrupted. I work in a profession that has a slightly more amount of women than men, and there has been a plethora of women who are hypersensitive to issues they often take men to take for, and we're supposed to accept it. It could be anything from diet and weight, to career options/roles, to sexual choices and religion. Politics, too.

There are women that constantly place men on the defense, in catch-22 situations, and openly use personal attracts in order to gain a reaction, prove something that may not be normally factual 24/7 about a man, or obtain and upper hand in an argument based on "emotional truths" rather than seeing the global picture.

If a man did the same, he'd be accused of emotional abuse.

Eventually, the more you send barbs and personal jabs against a man, eventually, he'll probably give you a negative response one way or another. But you gained his attention, didn't you? I suspect funnygirl28 fell for the idea that she can treat men as emotional and sexual inferiors, and when men protest or become defensive, they are either assholes or exhibiting a "fraile male ego" of sorts.

You kick someone around long enough, no matter how seemingly passive, they will kick back. Hard.

It's curious that some women just refuse to understand this basic truth concerning most men. Most men put up with so much stress and bullshit, if they opened their eyes to even the daily effrontery that goes along with their workloads and responsibility they carried on their shoulders, I'm honestly not sure if they could handle it. And on top of that notion, men still must prove themselves and gain respect from women, some (more than you think) of whom play games, give off mixed cues, and favor one type of men that's not good for them while shitting on another they believe can "take it." Female players may not always sleep with a legion of men, but they are still players even if they don't see it in themselves.

This is the secret behind the desire to find a "sensitive man;" what that particular woman really means is she wants someone who is strong and traditional for her when she breaks down, but also listening to her wants and desires when using him for a counselor figure. When his insecurities or weaknesses crop up, they are generally meet with apprehension or scorn, and I've even seen women outright blast them to the point of violence; it probably goes without saying that funnygirl doesn't want to deal with emotionally deep men. That would mean she would have to treat a man as true equal, a human being in totality, and it's something she positively doesn't want.

Truly sensitive men who protest their treatment in a relationship, who don't put up with being an emotional punching bag are attractive to women for the same way they are eventually replaced or shunned; they are complicated and don't fall in the idiotic matrix of the nice guy-bad boy continuum. They are "fragile" because they can only accept so much abuse. There are women that enjoy the passion and drama it might bring, but eventually settle with a semi-stoic man that they can complain about to their friends and peers about how their emotional needs aren't met, all the while still "stuck" in a dull relationship that they seem to have created, anyway.


Anonymous said...

WOW, good stuff.

ArticBreakup said...

You have to realize this isn't at all black and white. Men can be evil and good and so can women.
Women can be manipulative, double sided, and break men down emotionally.
Men can not take the word no, assume themselves as better, and beat women.
For every woman scorned by a "bad boy" she's attracted to there is a bitter "nice guy" calling her an evil bitch. Bitter is the perfect word for it.
Also men go after stereotypically attractive women just as often as women go after men. Even the bitterest and nerdiest boy has a girl who cares about him, she's just not "good enough" for him.

I'm sorry men get their feelings hurt but i'm much more sorry that women get raped or killed or abused.