Thursday, October 11, 2007

Single By Choice

Unfortunately, I'm running on sleep deprivation and a little Southern Comfort to calm my nerves, but suffice to say, well, I haven't run out of things to say . . . heh . . . and one the things I want to touch upon is single men.

Of course, single men, especially long term men, are often considered second rate, objects of mockery, even losers and pariahs by so-called independent women who feel no hesitance to bash men and fixate on them. And despite their "liberated" condition, these particular women can't seem to stop talking about us, and living their too-busy lives worrying whether or not prince charming will show up at their doorstep with movie star good looks, and a bag of credit cards to boot.

As much I as I liked some female attention the past, I find as a grow older, that it's not what's cracked up to be if you have to deal with the ever present heavy duty baggage surrounding the bargain.. And with all the anti-male bias in the media and laws place on us, there's something else to consider:

I am still baffled at all the women who seem to expect men to live on a steady diet of hatred and man bashing, and somehow magically metabolize this toxic diet into "love" for women and a desire to see good things come to them. When I work real hard, I can make the anger cold and take no joy when bad things happen to women, simply regard it with indifference. When I hear a woman whine about being victimized, I simply tune her out and go elsewhere. ----Zenpriest

With all the bluff and bluster American women give off, it's curious that they rarely acknowledge that their attitudes and mistreatment towards men and their questionable characters may contribute to why men are so reluctant to get involved, whether it's dating up to marriage and children. True, some men will never learn; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. But I can't bring myself to hate them, but sometimes, rest and retreat from them has brought peace of mind rather than loneliness and depression. After all the times of hearing, "maybe YOU should look inside yourself to see what's wrong and why you have issues," isn't it interesting that they might afraid of doing he same thing?


MarkyMark said...


That is GOOD stuff! I think that your post, and the one by ZP that you quoted, sum up my feelings quite nicely. Also, you're right about women being fearful of looking inside themselves. I did that, and I improved myself; goodness knows I needed improvement. But, there comes a point when, though you may have not reached perfection, that you know you're a hell of a catch; when that point is reached, hearing the same ol' BS that we need to deal with our issues gets REAL old, real quick like...


Egghead said...

Nice job, SR.

Anonymous said...

In a way..women need understanding ,if not sympathy.
Men with agendas have given them free rein...and they can't really handle this factor in an increasingly materialistic world.
Some can..and about 1/3rd of marriages/relationships are bearable.These were never perfect and never would be.
Whereas ,in the old days,men jousted,flapped gloves in faces,duelled and frequently died rotten deaths this is no longer legit- or required.
It's been replaced by statist,political and legal one-upmanship commonly seen as Manginaship !
Women have gone along for the ride as always..seeing little price to pay.
There is a price, however, and children especially are feeling the brunt of it.
Look at society now and see it unravelling.
How would this generation cope with the plague, WW1/2,potato famines etc etc even with all the increased wealth and education churned out?
So we haven't moved on much,really.
Perhaps, women are just the 'hod carriers' for a new socio-political era and it has to get worse before it gets better?
Men have to see their compliance and (maybe) crass stupidity in losing sight of the ball passed to them through somewhat bloody generations.
Go back? ..don't think so.
Go forward..we have to!
Just watch your steps- and maybe learn to care for each other more..
Then maybe women will follow our lead once again?
I hope so. 5K