Monday, September 24, 2007

Removing the Debris

I will make this post short---even MRAs will disagree with me on this stance, of which I have respected. But I'm going to do it, anyway, since I'm not against preemptive strikes. I'm sure gender feminists thought was a "bitter nice guy" and bought into that internet stereotype. You are vastly incorrect---I'm a man that puts up with no shit in my sphere. This is the lions' den, and I am the master of the beasts.

Any feminist who comments here will have to resort to curtailing any argumentum ad hominem style fronts or personal attacks. You are only allowed to respond if I desire. It's harsh, even to many of the men who are critical of feminist polemic and myths. But for the gender feminists who still hold their precious notions of how white, young, middle to upper class women are so downtrodden as opposed to us men and feel a masochistic need to blither away, go elsewhere. The scathing comments will be deleted without fanfare---you are not looking for an honest debate, but a personal battle. You will not find that at all. The possibility of being banned permanently is always looming. Do not commit the above error or you are gone. End of discussion. Expression on this blog is earned through merit, and nothing else.

This is my one and only warning on this post, until I get around to a troll rules of sorts.


Exposing Feminism said...

Hi SR,
To each his own, but my own personal policy is to allow uncensored comments from all sides.

Feminists get abusive? We win.
Feminists use fake stats? We win.

And so it goes on.. my philosophy is that if we give this twisted ideology enough rope, they may hang themselves.

Just a thought!

Oh yes, and thanks for the link!
Exposing Feminism

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Not a problem, and although I understand your point---some really vile and degrading comments by feminist can reveal what motivates them personally, if I ever get a volume of comments that are hook arguments or game playing, it's not good to get caught up into that maelstrom.

One of my points will be certain open threads will be available as long as the language isn't too overwhelming, but their vulgarity and myth hugging are their spies. We'll see when the time and opportunity presents itself.


Anonymous said...

I have not been posting to my blog for some time now. As there are other blogs with more traffic. And my goal is to help more Men come around to where I am at. Love your comments.

Feminists have no problem banning Men who voice a contrary opinion. Wish you well in your endeavors.


Sociopathic Revelation said...

Hey there, Khank! Glad to see you midst my own corner of cyberspace. I'm going to link you as well, if that suits you.


Anonymous said...

Gidday SR,

Good for you for setting your own terms.
We're not going to make much ground if we all mimic each other - to each his choices.

I'll add you to my links.

Rob Case (One Man's Kingdom).

Male Rights Network said...

Hey SR,

This post reminds me of a similar disclaimer I did on my blog a while ago:
Feminist Bloggers: I Don't Care What You Think Of Me or the Men's Movement. (My blog has not been that active lately but I do intend to notch it up soon.)

It usually takes something of a critical mass for femcunts to start chucking in insults and "arguments" (e.g. if you're clocking up thousands of hits a day, they'll take notice with a view to knocking you offline).

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Please feel welcome to link to my Blog on Opera. It is less important to me that my site has traffic than that others Grow. I enjoy your comments. And wish you well in your endeavors. Younger Men such as yourself are the future of our Movement.