Sunday, March 15, 2015

MGTOW Rising . . .

Be careful how you fight evil . . . your weapons can be turned against you.

---(Slightly rephrased quote from a dark film . . . ) 

It's been a while since I've spoke up. It's certainly about time.

Much has been said about the rifts occurring with certain MRAs and MGTOWs; there are people who know what the fundamental problems here, but I think a further examination is worth not just repeating, but getting to the crux of the matter.

There are several people trying to demonize and control those who simply refuse to come back to the plantation.  The have much to gain from doing this in the short term, including even money making schemes, ego-boosts, looking like the good guy, and even procuring a following.  

Of course, procuring a following with us men that have broken away quite a bit is pretty tough; even though MGTOW has struck a chord with us, we tend to be fairly---if not highly---individualistic.  For the so-called appointed leaders in particular MRA and manosphere circles, it is challenge they don't seem to understand.  Several are not very convincing with trying to lure men under their own influence, often resorting to the same tired shaming language and unwarranted accusations that both white knight neotrads and feminists employ in order to ensnare men.  

It is obviously doomed to fail.  We have already done much to purge our own lives of such manipulative tactics and social toxicity.  The problem is that the same would-be designated "alpha" buffoons are seriously shooting themselves in the feet.  

There are have been forces in society, institutions that have lied to us and tried to loot us, and women that have betrayed us on a fundamental level---all the while demanding that we "man up" even when celebrating how they have screwed us over at our expense.  They are incessant and malevolent .  . . and acted as if it was all our fault.  We are no longer interested in getting used and abused anymore, and will remember those who crossed us. Do you honestly think an Elam or a Fidelbogen will garner any allegiance while dumping on MGTOW as "misogynists" as they desperately try to promote themselves?  No.  

The insidious irony is that they have become so much like the antagonists they deplored at length.  

And they have the balls to call us just like feminists.  

But it gets even worse.

I think a few of them know how difficult is it for men in a clearly misandric culture.  It has effected most men on almost every level.  Much as been written about the legal system, societal malaise, the demonization of masculinity and male sexuality (including us white heterosexual men), the family courts, and other weighty topics---I won't go in depth here for the moment because it quite vast, but I will say this . . . I am absolutely DISGUSTED at both the men and women who KNOW what men are going through in this era and their pain and struggles, and still want to alienate men, profit from them, claim to help but actually exploit them, and all the while damning us as embittered misogynists.  

The same tired name calling is leveled at men with the Social Justice Warriors with #gamergate and #metalgate.  

Sound familiar?  

You will lose us just like the feminists and the "traditionalists" (i.e. the selfish, lazy women) have.  Instead of strengthening your ranks and persuading men to help in their camps, you turning your proverbial weapons on the very men you should be providing the tools to enrich and develop.  Those lapdogs, front men, and scapegoats you seek will not be there for you.  

We truly are done.  

With the current rash of doxxing and unfounded slags against men, they are showing their true colors.  They are also discovering that those men are not the dunderhead losers they believed, but men who had carved their own paths out for themselves and continue to do so.

 It doesn't matter if a self-proclaimed MRA like Paul Elam, a fraud like Anita Sarkeesian, the Jessica Valenti feminists of the world, or even the religious hacks like Mark Discroll continue to bite the hands that feed.  We will refuse to support them for their misandry and we will expose them for who they are.  They have the audacity to condemn men while possessing zero bravery to critique Ameriskank behavior whatsoever, a myopic strategy that will backfire. We are not lambs to the slaughter, but lone wolves discovering our own worth and personal power.  

We want to be the masters of our own destiny, and take the steps to secure that truth.  


Patr said...

Great points. There will always be a core group of people that remain true to ideals, because they put those ideals ahead of themselves.

Anonymous said...


There are few people I have as much contempt for as Paul Elam. Fraud, narcissist, blowhard, phony....


RmaxgenactivePUA said...

Great to see you back, we need more mgtow bloggers to counter the puritan christosphere invasion, literally reducing real manosphere blogs to a handful ...

Vox day even states on his blog, youre not red pill if youre anti-christian lmao wtf ...

The likes of Paul Elam are a front, all of these so called leaders are all run by web marketers & slime car salesmen

Its just another marketing scam ...

Anyway we need to start teaching women how to be decent women, instead of blaming their shitty behaviour on hypergamy & crap, like most of the manosphere & gamers

Its about time we taught men how to combat shitty toxic women if they cant avoid them

We have to do the unthinkable, we have to teach men how to revoke a womans pussy pass ...

Black Poison Soul said...

It's nice to see a few fresh words from you.

What you've written is truth. If feminists can't get their claws into us - despite a lifetime of practice and an overarching social system to push us into line - then our own kind with an agenda don't have a hope. They're simply nowhere near as good at it. All they do is show their true colors and selfish concerns and massively fail.

Took me a while to figure out what was going on, glad I did though.

alex brown said...

MGTOW Rises brothers!

Anonymous said...

I am a MGTOW for over 40 years - long before the term was invented.
MGTOW is not a culture or stereotype. It cannot be discussed nor understood except by those that tread the path. Like describing colors to a blind man. DO or DO NOT - there is no TRY.

It is not for every man. Some will have no need to be one.
Some will go back to the plantation - freedom is too hard, they say.
If you truly value your freedom above all else there is no other choice.

The goal of life is PURPOSE and CHOICE - Your Own. No village can or will - tell you how to do this. To do so will mean your freedom.

Men created all the good things in this world. The Sciences, Arts, Philosophy & more recently - NFL. The list is as long as humanity.

Can a non - male sacrifice so much for so little? Or accept so much pain for doing the right thing? This is the essence of humanity - of MGTOW unleashed - our true nature awaits.