Friday, March 20, 2015

A Post on the schism between MRAs and MGTOWs

Obviously, this is not directed specifically toward those who are for men's rights and are not trying to actively take MGTOWers to task.  For those who wish to keep the peace, I legitimately thank you.

However, there are others who either believe that MGTOW has toxic elements and men within, or they are acting as if there is among us.  It is interesting of note that these same control-mongers adamantly refuse to see their own hypocrisy.  They are so enamored with their own arrogance that there is barely any room for anything but their own idea what men should be doing.

Part my own grievance is because of this; they simply refuse leave things alone.  They were the ones drawing out the proverbial gunfire, and then calling us losers and assholes for hitting back.  There are those (such as the AVfM) that have had critics for a few years now, but it is clear that they if they had been some sort of friends in spirit towards others, it has been become antithetical towards what men are often seeking, and that is self-interest and preservation.

This is not a good situation.

I would even gather people like Paul Elam and their ilk have generated a cult of personality about themselves, and despite being supposedly tough, will invariably take any return fire from MGTOWers as "bitterness" even though it is clear they have their own moody turns and refuse to see why they are getting flak against them.     

I wonder what happened with all the apparent attempts to dismantle feminist influence from society.  I guess attacking what they perceive as low status men is more important.

The trouble is we didn't need them in the beginning, and we won't put up with them now.  

Clearly, they have done jack fucking shit in the amalgam.  They are not helping men as a rule.  There are have been a few personal victories for men here and there, but overall, societal changes have not occurred.  Many of us have seen how deep the gynocentrism is rooted and how corrupt the system has become, and we've decided to live on our own terms rather than engage with petty bickering online with feminists and their cronies.  

 The fact that certain self-labeled MRAs are damning other men with unearned shame and guilt is very telling; they want control over other men and browbeat those same men in silenced submission for pretend sins and transgressions.  They want to profit from men's suffering and toil.  It's revolting.  The audacity is maddening . . .  it's no longer surprising, but it's still outrageous.  And the idea is no different from the feminists and white knights have done, and those were the ones they slammed in past.  

Guess what.  The feminists are having a joke at their expense; all the in-fighting gives them a sense of smug, righteous glee.  That's what really has been accomplished.  

That's sad, but that's the way it is right now.  

One hallmarks of feminists also is condemning otherwise good men as suspect, and eventually making enemies of them when they were originally not.   There are people claiming to be MRAs that are doing exactly the same thing.  We do not need more of this.

And as I've said, anti-MGTOW detractors have gall to equate us with feminists . . . when we simply wanted to opt out and do our own thing.  If refusing to be their lap dogs, praising them, and kissing their asses dubs men as "misogynists," so be it.  Would they assist us in our trials and tribulations?  The answer to that is an emphatic no.  

We've already determined to go it alone successfully; to hell with their "help" if it doesn't enrich or contribute to our lives.   


alex brown said...

The tradcon "MRA's" seem to be the ones who attack us with the vilest attacks. They are worse than the feminists in that regard.

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Sadly, there is a strong element of truth to that.

For whatever the reason (outside of short term money making and a power grab) they are really trying to paint MGTOW as dysfunctional and misogynist.

MGTOW has outstripped much of other factions of the MRM---I also detect a distinct amount of jealousy. MGTOW works. There's simply no denying it. And for those want to reign others in and control them, it's a bane to them.