Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just A Few Thoughts About How Women Think of Nice Guys . . .

stonerwithaboner had snatched a quote from Feminist Critics that he liked, so I'll repeat it here with some commentary:

The problem is that the Nice Guy is the target of a modern witch hunt. The Nice Guy is considered a target, a wounded man because he dares speak out about his loneliness. Women don’t like that, and men who are too obsessed with sexual competition, see him as a target. All the nasty things said about nice guys are nothing but rationalizations for women having no compassion for emotionally distressed men, and men following their animal competitive instinct.
Before we can address the attack on nice guys, first we need to know what it is based on. It is not based on what women say it is. It is based on the feeding frenzy instinct, the desire for women to cull men from the herd to reduce unwanted attention, and for men it is to reduce competition.

I think this pretty valid thinking.  

Personally, I'm pretty much done with the nice guy/bad boy terms, but Jacalope is on to something here.  A man that values his sense of self and being on more than one level, and has been marginalized wrongly is often stigmatized---or even demonized---for openly lamenting his condition as unfair.  Men who are viewed and treated as suspect or not as prized as other men by women are often seen as weak or undesirable despite their attributes.  He's someone either to exploit or pass up.  The frustrating truth is that this actually compounds the problem; regardless of what people believe, there is a hegemony, a hierarchy of sorts in the dating and mating world, and women who want strict choices who they favor, and they alongside with men who don't want rivals are keen to dump on anyone not considered suitable no matter how good the man really is at heart.

If women clearly perceived the NG as a full-fledged human being, it would mean they would have to act accordingly---his pleasure and pain, joy and suffering, dreams and nightmares, and happiness and sorrow would be something not to dismiss, and reducing him to second class citizen status or lower would be difficult.  Since so many Ameriskanks want to be the ones desired and sit in the driver's seat---even passive aggressively---having to deal with a man normally considered not as up to par as an equal would be a struggle for them.  It would mean that their personal power would be on a level playing field with those same men.  And it would not be so easy to explain why they throw themselves at "alphas" and yet demand a NG to kow tow to ludicrous demands and moods while still remaining the one with the hands on the proverbial reins.  

Deep down, it seems that Ameriskanks have little respect, understanding, real passion, or sympathy towards men they want as front men, walking ATMs, workhorses, and whipping boys.  The "All the nasty things said about nice guys are nothing but rationalizations for women having no compassion for emotionally distressed men . . . " is one the main motivations beyond the febrile rants about "nice guys."  Simply put, it's a glib and smug excuse to treat men like shit sans accountability.  But don't you dare criticize women for their feelings, wants, expectations, or react to them as a spoiled, would-be princess without a throne and a broken crown.  You're just a misogynist if you have the gall. 


Leon Aquitane said...

This reminds me of a post I read on Chateau Heartiste, regarding how you can appeal to her "gina tingles" by indulging in sadistic mockery of your social inferiors.

Not sure if this is programming per the feminist imperative, but I always thought that respect for basic human dignity and a bit of compassion for the less fortunate was part of what made us a step above barbarism.

I have to wonder... is this the norm? Will they still act like this when the masses are starving in the streets?

Danny said...

Of course, there are far less "nice guys". Even guys who are interested in being reasonable are rejected. Women want a constant challenge; there has to be a balance in her favor, but with enough fighting to keep her interested.

The last generation of women who served men as their dominant partner are in their 80s now. The old ways are gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried listening to Tom Leykis?

No, I am not advertising for him. But he nails this stuff in the same way that you do.

Check out:

Anonymous said...

The ancient greeks believed women are basically beasts with no humanity or soul.

I think they were right. Personally, i'd be glad if every single female on this misbegotten planet would die in agony.

Anonymous said...

"We are a generation of men raised by women"

"A woman could cut off your penis and toss if out of the window of a moving car"

-Tyler Durden

Sue Botchie said...

For the last 30 or so years, still amazes me the women who want children but NO husband - maybe, a lover now and then. In other words, there are successful women who don't need men either.

Anonymous said...

I wish sites like this that deal with why men get rejected, etc. would stop being categorized as men's-rights blogs (unless the writings about rejection, etc. are meant to spread the MGTOW philosophy). Encouraging men to become victims and accomplices to the system by dating/bedding women should be anathema to real MRAs. I found this blog via a link on an actual men's rights blog, and I plan to ask that blog owner to remove the link.

Anonymous said...

Only a foolish man want to have anything to do with women. Personally i believe celibacy is a good alternative for defiling yourself with women.

Anonymous said...

Weil, i'm a misogynist and proud of it. I do believe that women are mentally deranged, emotionally insane sociopaths who should be simply exterminated.

The world would actually be a much better place without women.

SplashArtist said...

I read a post on return of kings i believe on how to pick up women. The writer of the article made an example of how he threatened a girls boyfriend and it gave her gina tingles. The dude was literally willing to fight another guy for some pussy. This isnt unusual from what ive seen. For some reason male competition seems destructive and lacks compassion for our fellow man in my eyes. Perhaps i am just an R type kinda guy.