Friday, November 11, 2011

My Thoughts On Ameriskanks Losing Their Appeal To Men Over Time

Very recently it was brought up that there are women who still cling the idea that their ability to attract the best of men lasts with them regardless of the ravages of time and an unhealthy lifestyle---or at least men that were perceived good catches, as opposed to men Ameriskanks typically look down upon with scorn.  This includes men which nowdays are typically good men that are often marginalized or even demonized in some fashion. 

If you are a good man in the viciousness and cruelty of a misadrist society, you always have to watch your back.  You have to find some kind of support system that same society which expect you to "man up" and "deal with it" even though that support is barely there.  Regardless of what any feminist or white knight has ever believed, most men have to make in through their lives with little backup of their own.  Even women that aren't as hateful or skeptical about men cannot seem grasp this in concept.  The fact of the matter is that many women have always had some sort of supportive element(s) in their lives that often outrstrip their men cohorts, and since we supposedly live in a "patriarchy" that allegedly benefits men, they are bereft of the understanding that men receive far less of these support structures (including emotionally) than women do on average.  It is a sad commentary on our culture, indeed.

But, as a good friend of mine used to say before his passing, let's cut through the bone and get right to the marrow of the matter.

I've said this before in conjuction with this topic, but you would think a woman that has gone through the gaunlet of self-abuse, excess, addiction, and a catalog of toxic relationships that gave her a hefty amount of baggage would be grateful for a what they would deem as an "average Joe's" attention as being lucky.  The arrogance of the modern Ameriskank helps them thrive on their delusion about Prince Charming still riding in to rescue them from their largely self-crafted problems---even when they have spent a great portion of their lives passing up good men and wondering why those same men they treated with a snear and disrespect will not invest much time with them.  On one of the forums I frequent, a poster writes:

This is why we have this overactive "rape culture". I really think women get off on being scared that they can be raped or hit on at any time. It must mean they're soooooo attractive and hawt. These women would rather believe that a guy is suffering inside with wanting her and not going to get it than the fact that a guy might not be interested at all. That just doesn't compute.
You can REALLY piss off a woman by asking her why she thinks ANYONE would want to rape her? A friend of mine did that once at a bar and she was LIVID! Gawd, it was funny! Wouldn't you think that would be one less thing to be worried about?

And my response in continuation of the thread about this very same subject (although slightly edited):

I've been called conceited because I look years younger than my age, I'm in fairly good shape, and I don't bow down to just any woman that walks by. Even one woman called me "Fabio" because I'm tall and muscular with long hair. With her skewed sense of humor I don't know if it was a compliment or a slam.

With women, however, their hubris and desirability is not to be questioned.

Hell, even with online dating sites (which are pretty much a farce stacked against men and in women's favor), if a woman showed off in her pictures it was okay, but if you are shirtless and musclebound as man you are often labelled as a narcissist. I think it's a way of control, and a way of cutting down men's esteem while lifting women's own at men's expense. They want to dominate the dating, sexual, and procreative marketplace. With feminism it is proverbially and literally law
designed for women's choice and men's responsibility----even if that means there are men that will never find someone remotely suitable as a mate at all.

The irony is that usually the women who are damaged secretly wish they were more desirable, but will not openly admit they have their flaws. It eats away at them in all seriousness, and, of course, how dare you point it out. They want men to trip over themselves for access to their rarely given affection and approval but hate giving up that personal, sexual, and social power. Even with dating, Ameriskanks want to control just about everything, even with ultimate veto power to reject you as a mate (unless they consider you a celebrity alpha or something).

The idea that most men would not want a burnt out, used up skank is not something they will readily come to terms with. I honestly think if women had to deal with the rejection, scorn, criticism, and even hatred men receive as desirability is concerned they would be near lunatic mania with it---and (in all seriousness) even the actual suicide rate would skyrocket, as opposed to the bogus suicide attempts.


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Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how American women completely lose their powers outside of USA or any other feminist infected country like UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Places like China, Thailand, etc (where its male oriented); you find no one wants Western women! They aren't feminine!

Asian men don't want them...
US men don't want them...

In fact, the very first thing employers tell them is that you can forget dating or starting a relationship if you're going to work long term over there!

The problem for Western men is that their home country is feminised. (Female focused) ...A male focused country is kryptonite to western women! The best they can do is buy a dog, cat, or tag alongside some western tourist couple like a third wheel in order to not feel lonely!

Sociopathic Revelation said...


I do remember reading about a blog where someone had started stating American men supposedly suck compared to Russian men.

To be honest I can't think that many Russian men are flocking to date US women. I think you already know the reason(s) why.