Friday, January 18, 2008

Lookout for . . . Misogyny!

I was posting on another forum, and one of a few wasn't too bad so I placed it here. My apologizes if it's rather out of context, but I think it's stands on its own nevertheless. The item in italics, of course, is from another poster.

It's in response to a feminist (OP/MD) who started a thread on misogyny, and tried to take to task others that didn't agree.

Thankfully, not everyone agrees with the sentiment.

One the aspects of feminism is the undercurrent of the victimhood mentality, and demanding that men, innocent of any wrongdoing, still be held accountable for crimes committed by other men. Despite so many claims of that women should stand up for themselves, as the OP hypocritically demonstrates, her ways of combating any harm towards women is rife with outmoded Western codes and collective bigotry that is rampant within the gender feminism movement. The attitude is that men who are not actively supporting women in every aspect are still guilty via association simply because they are not promoting women's rights, and bending over backwards for them at any given moment, treating women like misguided and vulnerable little children that are not ultimately responsible for their own welfare.

I'm not a woman, but if I was, I would be insulted that an ideology---and those who held it dear---would perceive me in such a manner, but I digress.

There's no secret that the breeding grounds of Socialism coincided with feminism, and no coincidence either. Neither see the rights of the individual as important as the State, far from it. And this largely includes men in general. When DM posted all the things that man can do to end gender violence, there's virtually nothing in the points that say women should do the same for men. And since women are quite apt to verbally trash men, all the way down to premeditated murder of husbands or systematic executions of their children, it's curious that the converse----supporting men and asking women to examine their attitudes toward men, and assisting men that are victims of violence--is just absent completely.

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. " ~Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler

Should add; "And regards men with unwarranted suspicion, as second class citizens, and possibly capable of criminal behavior because of their gender" . . . even though so many of them attest gender is a social creation. And while we're at it, Mizz D. is content with not just sprouting rank and file style lines from feminist memes, but also has a strong theme yanked from Western chivalry. You read that right---benevolent sexism---also known as CHIVALRY---is okay as long as it's something a feminist demands, but if you open a door for her or treat her as a gentleman and it's unwanted, you may just get the cold glare because women are supposed to be fully functioning adults---which flies in the face of the overt amount of unreasonable protectionism so many feminists cry about.

The above basically states that the OP can oscillate from traditionalist protections from men, and still glean the license from a more "liberated" stance, without having to do self-reflection on her cognitive dissonance, hubris, passive aggressiveness, or histrionics.

What's the one saying I've heard from a self-entitled person? "I'm a feminist when I want to be." And this means using men by proxy to get their dirty work done, and exploiting men's desire to help and uphold women's virtues, at men's expense without reciprocation. And if you question the party line, you're suspect; if you think feminism is rife with sexism and spreads misandry, you're either an idiot or a misogynist by default.

If the OP is so strong and independent, she can take out her own damn garbage for once.

Why can't so many women see men's points?

Unfortunately, C., there's a large percentage of egocentricism amount today's women; just look that the one T-shirt that proclaims, "It's all about ME. Deal with it." It's the irrational conclusion of extreme selfishness and playing the victim card when the going gets rough and courage has to be enacted through someone else to get things done. Men's issues and concerns take a backseat, because it's the notion that women and their sexuality has greater import and value.

By definition, it's sexism. Blatantly towards men.

And getting back to misogyny, what's the famous quote about it from H.L Mencken? "Misogynist - A man who hates women as much as women hate one another." Although the main thrust of my post wasn't about this, there's a pretty darn big truth in that thought.

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