Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beauty Is Only Razor Deep, Part I

Recently, I offered more unorthodox commentary on the blog End of Men and a recent article on alcohol, responsibility, and feminism. Although my perspective is more combination of the archetypal with a smattering of sociobiology at times, I figured it was too important to be missed although right at this moment it's awaiting moderation. I'll let the feminist minded go round and round with as the blog creator permits, since I have low tolerance of them here, and let them chew on it for a time.

My counterpoints are addressed in typical fronts here, their reactions in italics from here: End of Men

I don't dismiss women's accountability in creating the grave problems we are seeing now. Feminists have blamed men for so many evils underneath the sun---it's backfiring, including with the spotlighting what women are doing to men out of entitlement and selfishness.

"Having worked in a public environment among alcohol consumption, I truly have witnessed more males acting like **ses than women “acting like sluts.”"

Apparently someone here hasn't spent as much time in bars and lounges as I have. I work within strolling distance of more than one of them, and work beside one. For years. There's a lot of foolish female behavior there, and women will often rationalize it one way or another.

"Let’s not forget the male’s part in this, and the fact that a “single parent” always involves one side scampering off (usually the male) into unrestrained oblivion, also burdening the “taxpayers” to finance rearing the innocent young."

Those taxpayers are often men forced to pay for women's mistakes and taking on the burden for women sleeping with the wrong guy and getting impregnated. Women are still the gatekeepers of sex, unless you're an alpha male that gets women knocking on your door 24/7. Meanwhile, the good men are holding up the machinery of society and get little or no credit for it. It's invisible, and expected by us from women who take everything about for granted.

But aside from that for now, I'm not saying someone else doesn't benefit from all of this; obviously, psychotherapists, the pharmaceutical industry, divorce court lawyers, politicians, and feminists in academia have quite a stake in perpetuating men's miseries in Western society. There's nothing conspiracy theorist about how denying men more rights (which many didn't have to begin with) and penalizing men more and more with inane laws to criminalize human behavior fuels political careers and deepens pocket books. I roll my eyes at the idea feminists truly believe women are exploited, when men are far more, even at the threat of a lawsuit or jail time. Which they will bear the brunt of more than women, usually.

Women can and often do invent their own problems, many of them more than you might think, and believe one personal or social savior should come along with a safety net and rescue them. If women wanted things to be different, the face of this nation would look far different. What you see is often what women have desired by their own manufacture or design; demanding proof is absurd because it's quite obvious. Women have reproductive choice and men have little or none; in Michigan alone a woman can do just about anything to claim her offspring, kill it off (abortion), or give it up, and men have to bow to consensus when the State backs women via enforcing anti-male bias in laws that expect men to pay up and still support a woman's decision no matter what. The list could go on and on.

I could even state the very politically incorrect sentiment that the sex that has more power in reproductive choice (women, of course) by extension, should be the one that ultimately ponies up for it, on purpose or on accident. But that's too harsh for most to take; there's always someone, usually a man, that has to foot the bill. If not, still blame men by default. Why not; feminists have been doing that for decades.

Fmwatkins states feminists don't represent women; I don't think they represent all women, but women have clung to feminists memes and have wielded myths and punishments about men out of brutish nature. Feminism appeals to female selfishness and superiority, and when something goes wrong, it's a convenient tool to scapegoat others without much merit.

Most feminist radicals are too extreme for many to accept; there is a continual rumble of the concept that masculinity is faulty and either should die off or even be eradicated. Not every woman is prepared to embrace such a nasty paradigm (at least not yet, thankfully) despite incessant resentment Western women seem to have against so many men. Just read any dating forum with a significant amount of women ranting about men, if you don't believe me.

Women wanted men to protect them in one capacity or another in the past, so most men responded because they felt that was the right thing to do. Then women wanted "freedom" from the restrictions of what they felt confining, such as home, hearth, and childbearing, and despite what feminists say, men where often backing that as well. True freedom comes with tremendous responsibility, and despite the cries that men are all pigs and not living up to being real men (i.e. supporting women and their options), I don't think a good chunk of them realize what true latitude entails, and the consequences mean. There is also another crucial factor; more men are perceiving the "strong, independent" woman as a exercise in affectation, and the huge side effect of double standards that come along with it that benefit women and harm men. And men aren't liking it too much.

Several American women have made particularly bad choices and skewered judgments for a decent portion of their lives. The above article is simply another illustration of that, just as with their selection of mates to sire offspring, the laws they clamor for, or any other major push they engage that ultimately serves myopic short term gain and long term pain. And society suffers because of it.

"You seem to place all the blame for unwanted pregnancies on women. It takes two to tango. What of the responsibility of men to act with restraint and to be sure to engage in safe sex in order to minimize pregancy?" -

Boy, do I hear that from feminists a lot. It rests on more than one false premise; do you know what the reality is? Women still have the final say in whether or not sexual congress happens or not. It may take two to tango, but one still has more fundamental say so. So much for sexual equality (although it goes further than that, even). Or the fact when men do take responsibility for their sexuality, they are seen as no fun or has not having the bravado to take risks---men who want women to get checked for STDs possess "trust issues," men who get vasectomies are denying women out of a child, god forbid. There are even scores of women who get a thrill out of "flirting" with the possibility getting pregnant and will lie to men about it, even though, again, that's something we can't bring out in the open because women wouldn't ever be willing to take that kind of risk, right? And blame men for being so weak to be duped into it, correct?

But back to the article . . . women wanted to party hard like men (although many men give up the party scene or tamper off), and now that the consequences are steep---acquired STDs, unwanted pregnancies, alcohol-related diseases, flattened pocketbooks,and hollow one night or brief liaisons . . . so really, who wanted the endless joy ride---sans responsibility---to begin with now?

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