Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Black Pill On How Men Are Rejected More Than Women

I would like to direct your attention to a recent post by The Black Pill titled Men Get Rejected More Than Women by Any Metric.

BP is  correct about how men largely face rejection far more than women.  Men still do much of the asking out, women generally don't---unless you are some perceived alpha that other women are tripping over themselves to date/have sex/have a relationship with.  Women will often go after what other women want; the goal of getting a man that other women desire is no exception.  Regardless of his worth, a man who as a potential harem of sorts has women after him because other women value him.

But this is not common at all.  Even so-called liberated women will often expect men to initiate and face rejection.  Hypergamy is a subject that comes up on many MGTOW boards and videos; women that claim they want equality can be summed up by their hypocrisy by a couple of things; desiring to get a higher status man, and expecting men to do the work gaining her approval while she has veto power.  By having this choice, it shunts the onus onto men while women do not have to face the pain of rejection; they are in the driver's seat, while men have to sink or swim.  The righteousness in this dynamic is frustrating; women can be petty and nitpick about the dumbest crap in mate selection while not sharing the same level of approval winning.

In reality, many (if not most) women take rejection worse than men.  Men have to inure themselves to it; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  

Let's face it.  Despite complaints to the contrary, even women of subpar physical looks, low-paying jobs, and other flaws can snatch a man far easier than a man in the same equivalence.   Hell, even a man of higher attributes often have difficulty in dating and attracting a suitable mate.  Women typically do not date/marry down as much, while men are supposed to demonstrate clemency to women that are of lesser socioeconomic status as them.

Since women have a better time attracting men, many believe that men can pick up women with the same ease and frequency.  This is nonsense; men have to prove themselves far more unless they are at the top of the heap.  There are women who complain about the quality of men out there, but they are usually focusing on a narrow spectrum of men.   Even a recent article stated that anyone outside of being white collar are "non-negotiable" as far as dates are concerned---they are not dating material these pseudo-elist women mentioned in the post.  Nevermind that many blue collar men can make good money, but I digress.

Looking into it further, the typical moaning and bitching often includes that men aren't even "manning up" to improve themselves and make themselves more potentially good date/mate material.   Of course, there are women who decry that men will not take up their responsibilities.  When Western culture is swimming in misandry, it's not too hard to understand why men will not "man up" in first place.  When being loyal, honorable, honest, hard-working, genteel, and generous is not mutually rewarded or even outright exploited, a man seeing clearly will wise up.

This is evident with the dating scene as well.  The cards are stacked against men, and there are women who will not give up their social and personal power so easily  . . . even if it harms them in the short term.  They are refusing to accept that there are men who will not let their own self-respect dwindle or be used in the dating process while sweety wants to reap the rewards.  If some sort of mutual equity was widespread, it would be different, but it is not the environment we observe now.

A good friend of mine summed up things nicely, although he was speaking about the workplace when he was getting the brunt of crap jobs and lost much of his motivation when he knew it was a losing battle to hold on to his job at the time:  If you don't care, why should I.  There are women out there that do not want to understand this about men, and will continue to blunder and largely blame men while living in denial about what is actually happening.

Over the years, the shaming language loses it effect, and the women that are upset that men would rather play an X-Box in their thirties or keep their money for retirement.  Women need acknowledge why this is more common rather than remaining smug and single (all the while still thinking about men at every turn).  In the mating dance, even with the dating scene, it's not being intimidated by a "strong, independent" woman that stops men from approaching/making the first move.    Those same men are tired of running the gauntlet for little result, disappointed by the arbitrary whims, never being good enough, and the exhaustive and trivial lists judgmental women draw up for them.  And who can blame them?

This post was made under the influence of Hexvessel, Blood Ceremony, Lycia, and, of course, Black Sabbath.  All bands I can't get enough of, if anyone is wondering.


Roy Scott Movrich said...

That hypergamy and hyprocrisy exist side-by-side in the modern woman is never more succintly put than in this essay - an excellent hypothesis, never mind that it was influenced by Black Sabbath!

I have noted that such women will cherry-pick through the various ideologies, shaping the one that is in accordance to her whims/fancies. She will then dance through her twenties blithely rejecting men on account of her looks and powers of attraction. This same woman then wakes up on the wrong side of 30, with an acid disposition, wailing "WAAAAAHHHHH where have all the good men gone?", blaming everyone and anyone but herself. These women also never take into account that youth is transient, plus the double-whammy of women aging faster and less gracefully then men do.

Ergo, is it any surprise then, that men have tired of all the s**t-tests these puffed-up women devise as a means (for them) of winnowing out their perceived chaff? But women like these never accept responsibility for a man giving up on her. He's "just not good enough" and she's off to her next prospect. The endgame, as it is being played out, is that men are not caring about women either, preferring to "go their own way", planning for their retirement or any sort of life which does not encompass a woman's megrims.

And these foolish women still live in denial. Oh well ....

Burton said...

But here's the advantage for men: now that there is an Internet, men can go online, analyze the situation, and provide strategies for dealing with it. This is something that earlier generations of men lacked. Look at the spread of various websites dealing with men's issues. Look at the number of men who have come to such sites simply by googling "American women suck."

So now there is a considerable body of knowledge that is being disseminated. And more men are taking action--or just going their own way. A couple of things we have seen in the last decade or so is the rise of the PUA movement, and also the marriage strike. Both are rational male responses to the dating wasteland.

The dilemma is getting men to take that Red Pill. Because I know too many guys who really, really want to believe there is an orgy going on somewhere, somehow, and if only they can apply the right formula they too will get invited.. And as long as these guys chase after the almighty vagina, they raise the price.

Still, there is an increasing panic amount AW, so looks like the MRA insurgency is gaining ground.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys want to see what awaits the modern woman? Check this out; this is funny and depressing at the same time;

She's met a coach (one of those who preys on the modern aging slut when she gets tired of the carousel and seeks PRINCE CHARMING TO RESCUE HER) and the result;

"Well I meet with him and below is his formula that will attract the right man:

"The Man Magnetics Formula

M – Masculinity (She gets me)
A – Acceptance (She’s not trying to change me)
G – Grateful (She doesn’t take me for granted)
N – Nurturing/affectionate/feminine (She makes me feel like a man)
E – Easy-going (She lets me win the game – I can make her happy)
T – Trustworthy (She’s got my back)
I – Independence (She’s not trying to cage me – Freedom)
C – Captivate (She’s in my head and in my heart)
S – Soulmates (She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met and I want her on this journey with me because she brings value.)
I realized that I have 8 out of 9 and that I need to tone down my “masculine” part of me and bring out more of my “feminine” part…and then, of course, he pitched me his services.
I’m totally independent (hence very masculine) because I have had to take care of myself all these years. I don’t have a man helping me with the bills or the mortgage, etc. I am doing EVERYTHING by myself and I ONLY wish I could have help with all of this. I have had no choice but to be “masculine” so hence I scare men away even though I do have a very nice and soft feminine side: I wear makeup, I am nice/pleasant, I dress nice, I am girly, I love girly things, I have a cute giggle, I love when a man opens the door for me, hell I love it when a man does pretty much anything for me because these days it’s been NADA. I want a man to “protect me, please me, provide for me, and pursue me.” Ok, so I guess I either sign up for his coaching or a take a class to figure out how to bring my feminine energy higher than my masculine energy.
Or I just quit my job, sell my house, and live in a tree…so a man would need to come and rescue me….?"

She's an aging slut, close to 40 with no man in sight, to take the left overs and her toxic radical feminist (er, masculine) ways. Yes, women fought for this. This really made my day.

Leon Aquitane said...

I agree with the analysis. Those are the terms of the dating game. It's a stacked deck with unfair rules arbitrated by a whimsical, histrionic judge.

The issue I have is that the mainstream tries to hide the truth, telling us that we're all being equally frustrated by the rules of the game. Which is clearly not the case. Women get rights and privileges, men get the shaft.

For my part, I'm done with it.

Anonymous said...

Deep down, women want to be controlled, to be forced to heel and be collared. Sure, feminists would cry bloody murder at the mere suggestion of this, but they can't change the basic human nature.

Any society that allows women to have rights, freedom and privileges, and be in charge is a society well in its way to oblivion.

All civilizations prosper for a time and eventually die. The Western world is simply the next in line.

Anonymous said...

It is the women that are Very High Maintenance these days, especially the ones that really think they are God's gift too men which are very Pathetic to begin with.

Sociopathic Revelation said...

The sad thing is that even the bottom feeders act as if they are too good for men; they treat what they perceive as average Joes as shitheels and buffoons they can step on when they wish. I find it annoying when uppercrust, spoiled women did it when I was growing up, now it's everywhere---if you are not in the near impossible, narrow spectrum of men they claim they want, you're considered substandard, maybe not even a second class human being.

I can understand why there are men that are done with anything from dating to marriage and family these days. There's so many problems that are hoisted on men/against men it's stunning. Most women now fit the term what people employ as "anti-social" and don't even know it---they are supposed to be the relationship experts when concerning the sexes, but they are anything but. They are even getting to men that normally would have protected and provided for them, and that's saying a lot. Quite a few of them know something is deeply wrong, even if they have never heard of the acronym MGTOW.

That being said, it's funny how they will reject just about every man that comes along that could be good for them, and yet whine about how they "can't find a good man." That's Ameriskank reasoning for you in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Women today are certainly much different than the ones years ago, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen: If you want to understand women do this: Take a good hard look at the guys they date. Look at how these guys relate to their women. You will learn everything you need to know. Don't listen to women when they describe what they want in a guy. Look at who they date and your eyes will be open.