Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Powerful Post . . .

From a man going his own way. This is from The Spearhead, which is highly recommended if anyone has not already checked the site out.

This is from the article and thread-starter by Zed; Why Western Women Are So Empty And Unhappy:


Not that this is relevent, as there are always outliers, and hell, I’m actually very emotional, but I’m pretty good at looking at things dispassionately. I even understand the female side of this war more than I would admit, and I would never bring up their legitimate gripes or concerns about men, as it wouldn’t advance my sides position and instead would rather hinder it. I might play more fair than I should, but I’m not going to help the other side out. I do allow much of my emotion to seep through because I feel it is a powerful tool of persuasion, especially for people prone to relate more on an emotional level. One mans crying over his lost children in a custody battle may be worth a hundred rational arguments to the unthinking masses.

On that note, one thing I find quite rational, but I still can’t get across to the female population because it is about my personal male emotional experience, and therefore hard for females to empathize with, is that growing up in sex saturated culture, surrounded by sexually signaling females in their sexual prime, and being (I have solid reasons to believe this if you want me to go into them) far hornier than the average male, my developmental and adolescent years were nothing less than pure -PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE-. No hyperbole intended. This torture existed from 5th grade, all the way through college. It was psycho-sexual solitary confinement. It was being starved my whole life by slave masters who kept me chained by the table from which they ate feast after feast. Kis, do you understand this? Do you understand why I have resentment for female sexual power. A power that is often misused, as in your case probably, by using it to attract the wrong type of man, abused, as many girls think flirting and playing hard to get is just a game, when it is really more like a cat playing with a mouse before it devours it, or not used at all, which means it is wasted and not used for any good at all. How many women reward nice, honest, caring men with their sexuality. How many pity fucks do men get, who are so broken by the opposite sexes rejections that they can no longer even approach a women? Zero. How many women look down upon men for being so affected by their sexuality, as if that biological imperitive is just an itch, yet at the same time demand that its power holds sway over and tame the most untamable of Alpha beasts.

Maybe I’m a pathetic looser. That doesn’t change the fact that my pain is ignored or dismissed by every female I have ever shared it with. It is outright mocked by Feminists. They often say MRAs are loosers who can’t get laid and have mommy issues, and in my case, that is the case. In shaming me with those words, the psychological torture I endured is openly mocked by them, like I’m some pathetic creature not deserving of the most basic human consideration.

Of course I’m not horny anymore and get laid whenever I want. But sex barely does it for me now. My psycho-sexual development has twisted me that much. That is why I’m into the BDSM community. My sexuality feeds off of my anger. Now, instead of always being horny, I’m simply angry. Women created my rage. That rage still fuels me, and I suspect it always will. I’m 31 and don’t see myself stopping this war against Feminism until I die. Tell all the women you know that they have naively created a monster by weilding the power and gifts granted to them by God in selfish ways. Tell them you fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.

Your failed relationships, your failed marraiges, are nothing compared to existential hell I went through. Keep in mind I left out the details, which paint a much worse picture than even described.

Anyone who thinks this is too much information can go jump off a cliff. I hardly can be affected by words at this point. I remember all the fights I used to get into, and how alive I felt after them, even after the ones I lost. That pain was the most life affirming thing in my life. I’m that damaged. I’m here to see it doesn’t happen to anymore young men than it has to.


Dude! said...

I can't say that I disagree with anything in this post!!

I have always believed in EQUALITY...
but sexuality was never EQUAL!!!

we as men always have to WAIT for
the female to say YES... or we can
reject her which makes you a LOSER!..

something is wrong with this society!

Anonymous said...

The problems that women have with men women created. I strongly believe that if women were different that there would be a lot less violence towards women as men would be less angry. Women call men monsters or pigs, but I think that women made some men that way.

There are a lot of good men out there still, but women will take a good man and turn him into something bad.

My step brother is about ready to give up on women at this point in his life. Women have been awful to him, used him for money or to make boyfriends jealous. As of late he met someone who he really cared about, so he wrote her a letter and now she won't speak to him and thinks that he's creepy. He's not like that at all, he's just not all that great with communicating his feelings so he wrote her a letter instead. Had he not, she probably would have dumped him for being cold and unromantic. There is just no winning for men, nothing is right or good enough it seems.

As a woman the anger that men have scares me, but I know that women made things this way.

Anonymous said...

I have trouble understanding why anger would drive you to BDSM.

If I had a choice, I think I would prefer to avoid involvement in any sex-related activity, including BDSM. I would channel my anger into something non-sexual such as weight-lifting or martial arts.

But that's just my perspective.

Sociopathic Revelation said...


This is actually someone else's post from The Spearhead, just to let you know.

I already do work out and MMA.

BDSM is not my thing, personally.

Anonymous said...

I read some other posts by this guy,and he and I had similar experiences in childhood.

I wouldn't say I "feel his pain", because I only know my pain, but I believe I went through the same stages of loneliness, feelings of being betrayed and cheated in life, and lastly anger at the people I felt betrayed by as well as myself.

One thing I know from my experience is this, everybody goes through stages where they're down, even the people who hurt you, and when that happens it feels especially good to kick those people just hard enough to keep them down.

So cheer up,man, you'll get a chance to pay the people back who hurt you and if you time it right, you won't even have to try that hard.

Anonymous said...

No man is born a woman-hater. We are born worshiping our mothers, and it is our nature to seek female approval long before we are sexually aware.

A man has to be hit pretty hard to hate women.

I am saying woman-haters are made, not born.

Anonymous age 68