Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Young Man Gets It

Before I post this vlog title here, I apologize for not revealing the comments right away. Don't worry about this, I will continue to check in and haven't abandoned the ship here whatsoever. Keep the remarks coming!

With all the info out there I'm dying to write more myself, and if I mined all of the vids and posts I enjoyed this blog would be overflowing. So I have to pick and choose here and there.

Here's one of many I liked, and I hope everyone who hasn't already plundered around this corner of the site likes it as well.

How Feminism Screwed My Generation


djc said...

Smart young man. He's right. I feel sorry for young people today wanting to start a family. There are so many obstacles to raising a family any more.

Anonymous said...

Why should any young man invest into a role that has been completely devalued?

Today's young men are waking up!

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I heard such good news.