Monday, January 5, 2009

Interesting Videos on Male Birth Control

I've known about these for a time, but anyone that hasn't come across them in their Internet ventures can glean something from them now.

Ultimately, I think both get the gist of what I've been saying for years---that it shifts the balance of reproductive power more towards men, when men don't really have much reproductive choice to begin with. Hope all of you enjoy them. SR.

Male Birth Control Pill

Male Birth Control Pills and Women


Anonymous said...

Interesting video. As a woman, I for one would welcome a male pill. If I'm on the pill and he's on his pill then our protect is doubled.

I can see some men trying to use the pill as an excuse to forgo condoms and as a result STDs rising. However, I think the benefits of a male pill outweighs the risks.

C'est la vie!

Anonymous said...

It has been argued that the advent of reliable birth control in the form of the pill put reproductive power in the hands of women for the first time. Previous to that for the most part birth control in marriage was in the form of coitus interruptus, or the withdrawal method, clearly at the husband's discretion. A combination of more reliable female-controlled fertility restriction methods, and expectations of more say in family size by women have been cited as reasons for the decline in family size in the early 20th century.