Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Nocturnal Rumination

It takes an adult woman to realize they need adult men, but in order for women to come to terms that men are not second class citizens to be demeaned, toys for their amusement, or the enemy, they need to stop the interpsychic and gender war with men. This era we are in a serious chasm in spite of obvious couplings, and I honestly hope it doesn't reach some sort of sexual armageddon..

Men are gradually waking up to their belittled status in a culture that is woefully anti-male on many fronts, but the saddening thing is that there exist women that aren't reconciliatory, but up the ante even more when men start asserting they are people, too---which was one of the basal claims of feminism for women . . .

. . . which turned out to be female supremacist in outlook rather than for "equality."

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Anonymous said...

Here is the race issue addressed in a feminist fashion as related to the election. Closely look at this site as there is more than meets the eye:

“Election 2008 - What White Women Want”, a new investigation by Dolly Deadline at

White women are expected to play a crucial and possibly determining role in the election. Dolly explores this new media phenomenon by interviewing an ‘assortment’ from this group and inviting them to blog about their concerns and hopes for our troubled country.

What are we to make of this new grouping of women? What does it say about race and feminism?