Thursday, May 10, 2007

Upcoming policy on trolls

I am going to write a hard and fast handful of rules about posting comments on here. As of late I have had a couple of visitors which my trust level remains very low about. It is nothing against the cyberspace alliances I've made over the years, so for that crowd (including MRAs) they have nothing to worry about. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me on the main forum I'm a mod on.

For feminists and their mangina cohorts, you will only be allowed to debate on threads I wish, and I will give a curt and main point overview of Dos and Dont's. If a thread gets out of hand, it gets closed. I will not flamebait without giving allowance to speak, but the rules outlined have to be obeyed. There will not be an enormous list here; just a cluster of things I will "lay down the tracks with" so to speak in order to deal with unruly characters, engage in male shaming language, and those who, with ulterior motives and clandestine behavior, betray my trust.

The Policies with be modified if need be, and a continual series of "Feminist and Guilty" is in the works, in part, of societal malaise I've observed.

And BTW, those I'm calling out here as trolls and backstabbing fools are proving me right; men are truly shit upon in this gynocentric culture---by gender feminist women AND mangina men.


Anonymous said...

Lee Wrote:

I suggest that you allow all to post.

Feminists are notorious for censoring debate on their blogs, forums and webpages.

I don't think that doing as they do is a good idea.

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Well, we'll see Lee. I realize that there seems to be a certain hypocrisy that runs with the run of bearing down on them or silencing them when they do the same.

I think a good idea would be to have specific threads that would be open to their comments as long as it didn't get out of hand, like the typical "out can't get laid/must be ugly" nonsense that really isn't germane to the debates. Thread drifts when be reigned it as well, perhaps.

If I openly flamebait, then I will allow the feminist minded to retort, however.

Curiepoint said...

I am afraid that I am in agreement with Lee. Trolls are annoying to be sure, but in their own way they are useful idiots. To defeat them with rational discourse and solid fact is an art that we men must become well-versed in.

True, one is never able to convince them to re-evaluate their "religious" beliefs, but debate is crucial. If it serves only one purpose, it is to show that we can in fact handle opposition, and with more reason and intelligence than trolls typically bring to the table. It elevates us, and in being so elevated we gain a moral high ground.

In brief, trolls are excellent target practice. I have a feeling we will need it before too long.